7 Colors Not To Use When Painting a Small Room


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7. Something you hate

Knowing which colors work well in a tiny area is just the beginning of your journey for the ideal paint color. Don’t choose a shade only because it makes your space seem bigger; if you don’t like it, you’ll regret it later, which means money and time wasted (which is definitely a no-no).

Your main goal is to pick a paint color that complements your limited area and makes it look fun and pretty. Speaking of that, you have to choose something that brightens up the space and makes it look elegant and welcoming. That is the most crucial thing to remember while you browse paint color options.

It’s true that a shade you like might not be the best choice for giving off the impression that you have a huge space, but if you aren’t excited by the color of the walls when you enter the room, it won’t matter how big it appears because it won’t make you any good impression.

If you have a preferred paint color in mind, you might need to change the hue to fit your space, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon it entirely.

If you can’t find a way to use your favorite paint color, consider painting the walls a neutral shade and using your favorite tone as an accent. You can purchase pillows, blankets, and decor items that will add a pop of color and will make the area seem happier and more modern.

…What do you think about these shades that will make a tiny space appear smaller and more crowded than it actually is? Do you agree with them? What hue would you paint a tiny room? Tell us in the comments, because we like reading about your ideas!

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  1. what to know if burgundy for the kitchen with dark walnut cabinets all right, light lavender for living room with the dark walnut for window and door frames; sunny yellow for small bedroom and hot pink for bathroom?

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