18 Hidden Storage Ideas Your Guests Will Never Notice


When it comes to storage, there’s no such thing as too much. Whether you live in 800 or 8,000 square feet, storage is always important. But it can be quite challenging, no matter if you’re single in a two-bedroom apartment or raising a family in your dream house.

Somehow, it’s still possible for the clutter to creep up on us until we start wondering if it’s time to throw out things we don’t want to say goodbye to. Luckily, the advent of small homes and small living has slowly brought with it a complete renaissance in organizational tips.

Now, homes are smarter than ever, and we’re not just talking about those over-the-top thermostats and the latest market devices. We’ve made a list of some of the smartest storage spots you might not know you can use.

Just think about door organizers, which work so well in kitchens and closets. In a pinch, a pretty tablecloth might hide everyone’s books, papers, and clothes until the company decides to leave. With these ingenious home storage ideas, you’re well on your way to a cleaner, neater space without putting in too much effort.

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The stairs

You only have to get on Pinterest and type “understair storage.” For every kind of staircase, there’s an easy inspiration you can try. It’s true that this storage might require a little light demo and renovation, but if you really have a large family’s worth of winter gear, sports supplies, or even knickknacks to hide, it’s definitely worth it.

And if you can’t build directly into the staircase, you could also shelve along the walls, which might hold everyone’s clothes.

Hang it all up.

This works if you don’t mind the idea of decorating with what you use. By that, we mean using kitchen supplies or even spices and putting them on display. If you can set aside the fact that your guests will notice them, this particular trick will max out all that wall space you’ve probably never noticed.

If you have blank wall space in your kitchen, close to your sink, at the end of the counter, or even on the side of the island, it’s the ideal solution for you. You can hang your utensils, pans, and cutting boards there, which will free up all that inside cabinet storage for less visually appealing items.

Surfaces: countertops and desks

This storage isn’t really hidden from the eye. As a matter of fact, it’s quite out there. Maybe that’s exactly why it’s often forgotten and underutilized. Well, behold the power of a tray! Anywhere a tray could fit is the perfect space for additional storage.

And trust me, you can store virtually anything you desire, from corral spices, oils, and sprays all the way to utensils you use on a daily basis. You can also herd miscellaneous beauty products into small bowls and jars on a tray in the bathroom.

Moreover, organize your most-used office supplies on a tray in the corner of your desk. There you go: you have successfully organized your stuff and have everything within reach.


Before, you could buy an ottoman, bench, or even a coffee table with some smart, discreet, and built-in storage. Well, these days, they even make bed frames, chairs, and tiny side tables with hidden storage. Even if it’s enough to fit your remote control in there, a win is a win. It’s less clutter on the table, and that’s what we’re aiming for.

Your vent hood

Naturally, this might not work in every kitchen setup, but it’s still worth checking. You can tuck your large kitchen bowls and supplies into the cavernous space above your range for out-of-sight storage.

Put a tablecloth over it.

Sometimes, simplicity is really the best. This hack isn’t the most sophisticated, but it’s still the most feasible in a pinch. Throw on a pretty tablecloth, and buf! The clutter underneath won’t be visible to your guests’s eyes. We all know you will take good care of it after the guests are gone.

Sliding door

Sliding doors will bring you a double win: you can install a door organizer on them, and it will also save you a ton of space for other items since they don’t swing out.

Build it in.

Instead of simply protruding into the living space, you can build cubbies into your walls and install additional peg boards to easily hang your items.

Layer it on shelves.

Instead of going for a console, buffet, or any other piece of furniture with one large cavern, you can opt for shelving to maximize the storage potential of the piece.

Not all smoke and mirrors

Every bathroom has a mirror, that’s for sure. You can increase your storage space by installing a cabinet built behind the glass.

Give yourself a raise.

Any time you want to get a bit more storage out of a closet, you should go for risers. This way, everything’s much more organized than piling everything in and hoping you could dig it out later.

Rethink your vanity.

You can always put your vanity to good use, and make sure you go for one that will give you a place to stash towels, cosmetics, extra toilet paper, and any other essentials.

Floating shelves

Not everything has to hang from a wall, really now. Floating shelves are definitely a great way to get the needed storage space and still keep the aesthetic light, all while doing some heavy lifting.

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Build around big appliances.

Cubbies are a wonderful way to hide some storage space, but you could also think about building space to accommodate larger appliances, such as a washing machine. You can think about all the extra storage you could build around your appliances. Besides, you will be thankful for all the space you save if they’re not jutting out from the wall.

Under-bed storage

Every single bed in your home is sitting on top of a storage goldmine. You can make the most of each bed space by storing all your seasonal clothing, extra bedding, shoes, and even some seasonal decor, such as wreaths in fabric or plastic, under practical bed storage containers. If the toys in your home are taking over the place, here are some practical storage ideas for your children’s bedroom.

Above the toilet

Bathrooms are generally the smallest rooms in the house, so you have to make sure you’re maximizing your bath storage as much as you can. You can do that by utilizing the space above the toilet. Install some open shelving, hang wicker baskets on cup hooks, and build a simple medicine cabinet.

Under cabinets

You can free up counter space and maximize your kitchen storage by incorporating additional shallow shelves below your upper cabinets for cookbooks or even coffee mugs. You can mount a napkin holder or even a potholder hook to keep the clutter off the counter.

Between the studs

When you can’t really find a convenient nook for that new set of shelves, you can always create one by recessing the shelves into the wall itself. This works very well on short transitional walls, in the bath, or in hallway spaces. This also works well in the garage. Besides, the average garage has somewhere around 150 sq. ft. of unused storage space anyway.

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