Remove Lint From Clothes by Following These 10 Easy Steps


Can you remove lint from clothes easily? Yes! See here how: 

The lint is awful. It ruins the look of our favorite clothes, and for some reason, we fail to see it until we’re in a hurry to get out of the house. To avoid ruining your day or your dream outfit, I came up with a couple of tricks that will help you remove lint from clothes in the blink of an eye. I hope you will take my word for it since I’ve tested them all and I still can’t decide which one is the best.

Now, chop-chop, let’s get to it! Take a look at all these 8 methods:

remove lint from clothes
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Use a regular shaving razor

One of the best ways to remove lint from clothes is by using a regular shaving razor. You will probably be tempted to ask if it won’t ruin the fabric. But the answer is no. Let’s see how you can safely use it.

To “shave” off the initial layer, just take a new, dry razor, position it on the cloth, and then move the razor downward over the fabric. Shake the razor as required to get rid of the lint, and keep shaving until all of the lint is gone.

Of course, I’ll strongly advise against using a lot of pressure on the razor while you’re removing the lint since you may damage or, even worse, cut the fabric.

Use anti-static spray

If you want to remove lint from clothes, a super-efficient method is to use Static Guard, an anti-static spray. After spraying a bit on the fabric use a dry cellulose sponge to gently brush the clothing. Do you have a furry friend in the house? Then a lot of hair is most likely living in your garments.

If you’re short on time and need a quick fix to get rid of it, mist your clothes with anti-static spray before using a lint roller. I am telling you this is 100% efficient and tested by myself as well!

Use a wide tape

You’re probably aware of this method, and some of you may even have tried it out when you ran out of lint rollers. It’s super easy to use; you just have to cut strips of tape, place them on your clothes, and peel them roughly to remove the lint.

Another option would be to place your hand on the cloth and lift it after putting some tape over it (adhesive side facing outward). Of course, you could try wrapping a rolling pin in tape with the adhesive side facing out if you wanted to make this process a little easier. This homemade lint roller should remove lint from a huge area of cloth quite rapidly when rolled across the fabric.

remove lint from clothes
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Use a pair of dishwashing gloves

Another hack that will help you remove lint from clothes is to use a pair of rubbery dishwashing gloves. Just put on the glove and move your hand slowly in a single direction across the material. As you continue to rub the glove on the material, all of the lint is collected and pushed off of it. Plus, this method also works great for fur removal from pets.

Add some steam

To remove lint from clothes, use help from your shower. Hang the clothing in a steamy bathroom for fifteen minutes before using a lint brush on a garment that has a lot of lint. The moisture is going to help reduce the static that attaches the lint to the fabric more firmly.

Use dryer sheets

If you want to remove lint from clothes efficiently toss some dryer sheets in your dryer on the air-only cycle. You will be able to see the lint gathering in one place and after the cycle is over you can easily get rid of it.

Do you want to try this method and see if it’s going to help you remove the lint from your clothes? Buy your fabric softener dryer sheets from Amazon. Get your hands on a 195-pack of dryer sheets for just $10.21! Designed with sensitive skin and kids in mind, these sheets are a must-have for your laundry routine. 

Use a pantyhose or a nylon sock

If you don’t have a pair of dishwashing gloves on hand, you can use a pair of pantyhose or a nylon sock to help you get rid of unwanted lint. Simply insert your hand inside the pantyhose or sock and rub the lint away using vertical strokes on the clothing, much like you would on a rubber glove.

Use a moist dishwashing sponge

Another method I use whenever I want to get rid of the lint is a clean and moist dishwashing sponge. Its abrasive side can help you remove lint in just a blink of an eye. After wetting the sponge and squeezing out any extra water, gently brush it against the clothing. Since it works better at eliminating lint, I would advise you to use it on its rough side. For maximum efficiency, consider focusing on small portions of the clothing as well.

Use a pumice stone

This may come as a surprise, but your pumice stone can help you have lint-free clothes! When everything else fails and you’re in a hurry, consider using your pumice stone to wipe out the balls and pick up any lint particles. I usually use it on sweaters only because the stone is rough and can damage other softer fabrics.

Wash the clothes again

The washing machine is ready, and you’re about to pull the laundry out to dry. But surprise: some of your favorite sweaters have a ton of lint on them. What do you do? If this happens to you, don’t panic, because I have the solution for you.

If there is a lot of lint on your freshly laundered clothes take them out, and wash them again (no detergent needed), but for the rinse cycle, add a cup of distilled white vinegar or a little bit of liquid fabric softener. Lint will be dislodged by the washing action, and by relaxing the fibers, vinegar is helpful in lint removal from the fabric.

Can you prevent lint from sticking to your clothes? 

Well, the answer is yes. While you won’t be able to completely steer clear of lint, you can begin by sorting your laundry. Besides the general rules of color separation, you should also put aside cotton clothes, cloth towels, robes, and chenille bedspreads. The other group is the lint attractors, and here you should sort out the clothes that are made of plush fabrics, knit fabrics, and synthetic and microfiber fabrics.

Wash clothes inside out to avoid lint getting on the exterior of them. Additionally, I would advise washing the items of clothing separately from the others if you discover that they are packed with lint. Additionally, remember not to overload your washing machine!

What are your tricks that help you remove lint from clothes? Tell us in the comments section down below.

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