Great News! These 11 Renovations Work for Any Rental!


Renovations could help improve the appearance and overall functionality of a property, which is fairly important when it comes to attracting tenants and even convincing them to stay for as long as possible.

Moreover, renovations help increase the value of a property. But, as we all know, they can be quite costly, and that’s why we should make sure that you get the maximum return on these investments.

One way to make sure that renovating your property will also increase its value is to listen and understand what your tenants need. Here are some of the best remodeling choices you could make!

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Repainting is probably one of the most common renovation ideas that would definitely do wonders for any kind of property. I mean, fresh paint always does the trick, right?

A space with chipped paint is extremely unattractive, and it could potentially represent a deal-breaker for any tenant. If you want to avoid this, make sure that your space is always repainted every time a tenant moves out.

You might be shocked to find out how much of a drastic change a fresh coat of paint can represent. When you repaint, it’s highly recommended to use neutral colors because they can naturally blend with other colors and have a certain appeal to the wide majority of people.

You could avoid bright and loud colors because they can be a bit off-putting to some people. Also, you want to make sure that the painting job is well done to avoid unpleasant bumps and uneven lines on the wall. If you’re decided to give it a try, here’s a useful painting kit you might need!

Update curb appeal

For those of you who don’t know what that is, curb appeal is what makes a space stand out from other spaces. You might remember the old adage about first impressions.

Luckily, the appeal of your space doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Moreover, it often involves keeping the look of the property in a clean manner.

If you want to make sure that your property and the garden are nice and cozy at all times, you could plant some flowers in the garden, trim the fence, and even mow the grass. Moreover, you could set up a postcard box or a comfort area with shade, seats, and a table.

Install A/C

Winter weather can be unforgiving at times, and that’s why having an air conditioner is a highly crucial amenity for any property. I won’t lie, I’ve seen people who decided not to install air conditioning in their properties, and as you can imagine, their tenants didn’t stay there for long.

After all, having air conditioning is a basic standard, and most tenants prioritize this aspect when they’re looking for rental spaces. It’s highly important to invest in a functional air conditioner.

Before deciding on a proper one that fits into your budget, you might want to call for a technician to inspect the air conditioner every once in a while, just to make sure it won’t break down.

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Update appliances

When it comes to making the right decisions on your renovation ideas, you could also add a bunch of attractive amenities, like modern appliances, to your space.

These appliances sometimes include dishwashers and washing machines, among many other things. Moreover, they are a wonderful addition to your space because they not only attract tenants but also increase the overall value of your rental spaces.

Upgrade the kitchen.

Another smart idea that you might want to consider when renovating your space is looking into your kitchen. A modern kitchen has probably reached the top of the list of things that make any property extremely popular. In fact, since the beginning of the COVID-19 virus and all the restrictions imposed on restaurants, more people have started spending time at home and cooking their own meals.

Obviously, this would explain their sudden interest in having a nice kitchen space. In today’s market, tenants appreciate and prefer kitchen spaces.

Some of the best ways to improve your kitchen space are to replace faulty taps and sinks, install new countertops and kitchen cabinets, and change the overall design of the kitchen.

Replace furniture

We know by now that some landlords operate in the furnished apartment niche. So for those property owners, the condition of their furniture is definitely not something they would willingly compromise on.

If the furniture is looking just a little bit ragged, you might want to visit the closest outlet and make a proper investment. As an alternative, you could also polish the current furniture, especially since it’s slightly worn out.

Besides, you need to check at all times for worn-out appliances and furniture issues before showing your property to potential tenants.

Refurbish floors

It’s highly recommended that you check the condition of your floors after the tenant moves out. Now, it also depends on the footfall and type of tenant, because you might have to deal with annoying stains, pet scratch marks, and various other examples of destruction to your floors.

Stick to modern design.

Spice up your rental and upgrade to modern tastes by redesigning the space. You could look on our website for the latest trends, like large windows, open kitchens, and bathroom shower screens.

You can also engage the team to help you change the layout of your property. Having a modern approach when it comes to designing your property will make it more attractive to certain tenants.

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Renovate the bathrooms.

The bathroom is also a very important area that can look really good once it’s fully renovated. Some good ideas for bathroom renovations could include retiling, the addition of multiple storage units, and replacing fixtures.

Spend some time in that space.

I know it might sound a bit obvious, but it is highly important to hold off on some important decisions you might take, whether we’re talking about paint colors, carpet, or even light fixtures.

Before spending your money on anything, you might want to spend some time in the space you’re renovating. For instance, the choices you make can be overwhelming if you don’t get accustomed to the vibe of your property. Then, there’s also the question: what kind of carpet should you get?

The one with dense or loose fibers? Pattern or no pattern? The answer mainly depends on other aspects of the renovations, including choosing paint colors.

If you select certain paint palettes before you start renovations, you’ll still have to see them on the walls. Well, what you decide in terms of colors might change, depending on how much time you spend there. Moreover, freshly painted walls could ultimately reveal that existing light fixtures don’t illuminate the space as you initially thought they might.

Set a realistic date.

The renovations might take longer than you initially thought, so you’d better be prepared when you start planning. Also, you might want to make the needed accommodations to avoid getting frustrated. For instance, you could think that replacing a whirlpool tub and an outdated double vanity in a bathroom shouldn’t last for too long.

Well, the removal of the old fixtures could take a couple of hours, but locating a brand-new tub and vanity you like could take longer than expected.

Moreover, it can take another two weeks before they’re even delivered. Also, the initial plan of using your new hall bath within a week could turn into a six-week waiting period. You need to be realistic about the process and timeline.

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