8 Brilliant Dryer Lint Hacks That Will Change Your Life


Dryer Lint Hack
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You can reduce waste with these clever dryer lint hacks!

Here at Crafty Captain, we love a good upcycling hack, especially regarding home items. Did you know that 80% of households in the US have a clothes dryer? And most Americans run multiple loads per week, as well.

But no matter the dryer settings we choose or the type of clothes we put in there, that’s a lot of dryer lint!… Unfortunately, it’s also a lot of waste, too.

And here’s another issue: Dryer lint from the lint trap and exhaust vent tops the list of hidden home dangers, causing thousands of fires annually. Most homeowners diligently clean their dryer’s lint trap after each cycle but often overlook the need to clean beyond the screen.

All that lint doesn’t have to be landfill-bound, either. So, when we discovered the dryer lint hacks on this list, you can be sure that we were intrigued.

From now on, save all that lint and put it to good use every time you clean your dryer. Here are 8 dryer lint hacks you’ll thank us for. And as a bonus, your lint trap and dryer vent will be cleaner than ever!

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