6 Home Renovations You Might End Up Regretting


Maybe you want to change something about your home, and this means it is finally time for some home renovations. But there are many home renovations you might regret, and we believe it is a good idea to know a thing or two about them.

Before you start buying all of the tools and materials you need for your renovations, you might want to be aware that some renovations are not the best choice and consider learning more about them before starting the job. This is wiser than renovating and regretting it.

So, if you are not keen on consulting a professional, keep reading and find out about some home renovations you might regret. Always get properly informed before modifying something in our home!

home renovations you might regret
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1. Open shelves

Open shelving has kept on gaining popularity in the last few years. This might be due to the farmhouse kitchen design, but no matter what brought it into the spotlight, the most important thing is that since you see it everywhere and you think it looks good, you might want something like this in your home.

And, to be honest, in terms of positioning and design, it is far more flexible than cabinets. It is a really attractive concept. So, at first glance, you might think that there is nothing wrong with it. It seems practical, and it looks fantastic. What can go wrong? How can this be one of the home renovations you might regret?

Well, if you take a minute and think about it, those shelves are not the best storage space. You can quickly realize that there is no storage space at all. And since you decided that you wanted to start this project because you needed more storage space, you can see how this is not such a great idea after all.

2. Building a great room

It’s all about the space; this is what most people are looking for. Everybody wants to live in a more open and spacious place. And, sure, this is trendy, and it might seem more comfortable, which makes it even more tempting.

But before hiring a crew and tearing down some walls, you should consider the fact that this is one of the home renovations you might regret.

Maybe you want the dinner table to be replaced by a huge and stylish island, but is this really worth it?

Yes, you will have a bigger room where you and your family can spend your free time, but this is also the main disadvantage: it’s only one room. That means all of you who want to relax should stay in the same room, and besides this, it is easy to notice all the mess when you have a single room.

If you don’t want to eat your meal while hearing everything the other members of your family are doing, avoid a renovation project like this. Sometimes it is better to have more small but intimate spaces.

3. Concrete countertops

You are bored of all of the basic granite and quartz countertops, and you want to try something bold and modern. What other material fits better in this description than concrete?

A concrete countertop will give your kitchen an industrial look that will enhance the look of your home in a way few materials can. It can be an amazing way to do a small renovation that has a big impact, but you should consider if you are prepared for it, as this can easily be one of the home renovations you might regret.

But how can just changing the material of your countertop be such a major decision when talking about home renovation? After all, it is still rock, isn’t it? More or less, yes, it is pretty close to a rock, but concrete has different properties, and you need to know about them before making any changes.

If you choose a concrete countertop, be ready for a lot of broken glasses and dishes. The hard surface is the real enemy of delicate glassware. Also, one of the main properties of concrete is that it is a porous material, which brings with it some specific problems.

It absorbs water quickly, which leads to cracks. It cracks extremely easily and will need frequent resealings. Also, it is not recommended to stain it with things such as oil or red wine. The stains will be there forever.

4. A fireplace with plastering on top of it

To be honest, this sounds like a bad idea from the start. It is easy to see why this is one of the home renovations you might regret.

Maybe you feel like you don’t need an old fireplace and decide to cover it. This might sound like the best idea. You don’t want that old brick exposed. All is well, but remember that you will never use that fireplace again until you take down the plaster. Never start a fire in a plastered fireplace, as this is extremely dangerous.

Now, we think that this can be one of the home renovations you might regret, especially if you want to sell the home. Maybe you believe the plastered fireplace looks nice, but there is a chance that the people who want to buy the home will not think the same.

When buying a house with a covered fireplace, many buyers usually take down the plaster to reveal the original brick fireplace. This is especially true for the states that have cold winters.

So, if you ever think about plastering your fireplace, keep all of these details in mind.

5. A walk-in closet made from a bedroom

Maybe you have a spare bedroom that you never use, and you start thinking about what you can do with all of this space. And then an idea comes to your mind: why not make a walk-in closet out of it?

You don’t have that much space for your clothes, and a new closet seems like the best thing you can do with that room. But beware, since this is one of the home renovations you might regret later.

It might be amazing to have another space where you can store your clothes and maybe even a dressing area with shoe shelving and all of that, but remember that you will also lose the liveable space.

If you want to sell the house or rent it, this might be a huge drawback. The lost bedroom could have made a difference, but now it has turned into a closet.

Before deciding to start a project like this, you can try to consider a few other solutions that can help maximize your closet space, such as various closet organizer fixes and so on.

home renovations you might regret
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6. Cutting down a tree

You want to build a patio in your yard because you want to spend more time outside during spring and summer, but there is only one thing that is stopping you from achieving this dream. You have a big tree in your backyard that occupies a lot of space. What are you going to do next? Well, you were thinking about cutting it down.

But did you know that there might be a 20-degree difference in temperature between the air above and below a tree canopy? This can make a huge difference in the hot summer months, and if the tree is close to the walls of your home, it can also keep your whole house cooler.

Never cut a tree before thinking about its advantages and disadvantages, because it can easily be one of the home renovations you regret.

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