Running Low on Bathroom Space? These 11 Amazing Storage Ideas Will Help You


Alongside with closets and pantries, bathrooms are one of those interior design elements of a home where there is never enough room for storage. Your bathroom serves several purposes in a little space, from your overnight shower to your morning makeup regimen. Use these helpful tips to maximize every square inch of space you have if you’re sick of fighting with your little bathroom but don’t have the time or money for a complete redesign.

You can keep your toiletries, makeup, and linens organized in your space thanks to these inventive solutions that will increase your storage in a blink of an eye! Even a modest bathroom can feel magnificent if it has enough storage.

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1. Designate a cleaning supply cabinet

If you’re like me, then you probably have a lot of cleaning supplies all over your bathroom. In my defense, I’ve always had limited storage space, which contributes to the inevitable clutter. But after browsing a lot of websites, I started to try different tricks that actually helped me make room for more items.

The first thing you can do is take full advantage of roomy under-sink cabinets to keep all your cleaning supplies on hand, and add a stacked organizer to maximize vertical space. In case none of these work for you, you can always put a medium-sized bucket under the sink where you can store everything you often use for cleaning.

2. Hang wall shelves

You may easily add a floating shelf to a very tiny bathroom to store all the items you like to look at and have on display. For example, the shower gel, your moisturizer, or even a room spray Just make sure you go for iron shelves because the wooden ones are usually prone to swelling because of the humidity. And for a more personal look, you can add a splash of color by painting them.

If you’re looking for a more affordable storage solution, install some baskets on the bathroom wall. Lotions, travel-sized towels, and cosmetics are kept confined by the elevated sides, which also offer easy access.

Installing these basket shelves is pretty simple and can be done even without the help of a professional because it requires driving nails into the wall through the basket’s weave.

3. Add storage to the medicine cabinet

Another useful hack that will definitely help you improve the look and space in your bathroom is adding a storage space behind the door of your medicine cabinet. Make the inside of the door a hub for small hygiene tools and beauty supplies by simply attaching a magnetic message board to the surface. To hold objects, use thin magnetic containers and hooks.

You can also attach magnets to the back of cosmetics to place them directly on doors. By the end of the project, make sure everything is placed in such a way that the door can still close all the way! Neat, right?

4. Maximize vertical space

If you’re dealing with a tiny space, one of the best things you can do is take advantage of the height of the room. In this case, running cabinetry all the way up to the ceiling creates the optical illusion of a larger space. Depending on how items are distributed in your bathroom, you can either put them near the shower cabin or above the toilet.

Personally, I recommend this amazing product from Amazon, which is definitely a good investment!

5. Hide clutter with a curtain

Have you ever been in a hurry with the cleaning because your guests will be there sooner than you expected? Well, if that happened, you probably wanted to “sweep everything under the carpet” to hide clutter from their eyes. You would be surprised to learn that many people who don’t have that much space in bathrooms usually use curtains to cover the space beneath the sink without building a cabinet that might end up being pretty expensive and hard to install.

This conventional approach feels ageless rather than dated when a linen drape in a neutral color tint is hung behind a hardwood countertop that is topped with a contemporary square sink.

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6. Use decorative jute baskets

Did I mention that you should never underestimate the power of a decoration item? This is also true for small jute baskets, which can be used to store items such as towels and household supplies, or if the basket is large enough, for laundry. If your sink is pretty large and you don’t want to use either of those two hacks, you can place them on the floor to store different things like toilet paper or cleaning items.

7. Stick to dual-purpose mirrors

This is probably one of my favorite hacks as a woman. Why? I can have a mirror as well as storage for my beauty and skin-care products. When the door is closed, you can see your reflection, and when it is open, you can reach two or three shelves, depending on the size of the cabinet.

Undoubtedly, you will want to try this idea in the future! I can guarantee you will be more than satisfied.

8. Repurpose furniture

In situations where shelves and drawers are limited, you don’t seem to like any of them, or in the worst-case scenario, they are too big to fit properly in your space, furniture designed for living areas can also serve as additional little bathroom storage. For example, an old, slim glass drawer placed between the sink and the wall can easily keep your extra towels close to the sink. For those items that you’d prefer to keep hidden, like extra toilet paper or cleaning materials, a basket can be kept on top.

9. Paint everything white

A fantastic approach to increasing storage in a small bathroom is to use recycled vintage décor items. For instance, a white shelf can be used to provide room above the sink for additional storage space, and a vintage white painted mirror with a small built-in shelf can make a continuous wall of white storage. A good contrast to the surroundings is also being created by a few black touches here and there.

10. Install a towel rack

We mentioned earlier in the article that you should maximize your vertical space, and we’ll return to it now. For every small space, these racks are definitely a blessing, whether you use them for linen, towels, or any other item that’s suitable for your bathroom. Mount a wooden rack to keep your things in order, and if you have too many towels, try to roll them so they can easily fit inside the small spots.

11. Don’t forget to take advantage of every inch!

Making sure that your vanity stretches from wall to wall will increase storage and give the area a custom-built appearance when adding a vanity to a small bathroom. This is particularly true if the space where the sink will go is narrow.
Remember that every tiny nook and cranny counts! To keep everything organized and in one spot to prevent clutter, install shelves and make the most of the space under the sink.

We hope you will find this article interesting because we have a lot more! And if you have any comments or suggestions for specific topics that we should approach, let us know in the comments section below. We love hearing from you guys!

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