7 Colors Not To Use When Painting a Small Room


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2. Red

According to different books, red is a beautiful and bold color that can signify strength, power, passion, courage, joy, and also danger, and sacrifice.

Is a hue that is gorgeous and timeless, so it has long been the color of choice for dining rooms. Truth be told, most red paint hues aren’t appropriate for use in a tiny room.

Red’s vitality and intensity might make a confined space seem too hot to be pleasant and it won’t put you in a good mood. The use of red in a small room should be limited to decorative accents. This is exactly a real case of “less is more.”

Instead of bright red, consider using a more subdued shade of the hue, such as rust or russet, when decorating your area. By choosing this color, you might get the feeling of a rich, warm color without the overwhelming intensity that can be a problem in smaller rooms.

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  1. what to know if burgundy for the kitchen with dark walnut cabinets all right, light lavender for living room with the dark walnut for window and door frames; sunny yellow for small bedroom and hot pink for bathroom?

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