7 Colors Not To Use When Painting a Small Room


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Do you know what color to use for painting a small space?

Colors are sometimes underrated, and people tend to pick shades that they like without thinking about other details, such as square footage, shape, overall size, height, width, and length.

A huge living room painted in a clean shade of white would look stunning, polished, and elegant, but can you paint every single space white? We asked the experts, and they told us everything about colors and how to choose one that complements tiny spaces.

Speaking of that, there’s more to painting a tiny room than only picking the shade you like the most. You might be drawn to black, but would you paint your small bedroom in the darkest hue you can find? Probably not, because it won’t look the best and it won’t make you happy either.

If you have a tiny room, you don’t have to stick to light colors, but you do need to choose the perfect shade to make the most of it. Interior designers say that these are the worst paint colors for tiny rooms, so check them out:

PS: They also shared helpful hints for making the proper choice!

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  1. what to know if burgundy for the kitchen with dark walnut cabinets all right, light lavender for living room with the dark walnut for window and door frames; sunny yellow for small bedroom and hot pink for bathroom?

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