7 Colors Not To Use When Painting a Small Room


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3. White

We’re back to talking about white. This is typically one of the most common hues because it’s simple and it looks good without trying too hard. You don’t have to think about furniture and decor items that go with the paint on the walls. Being a classic neutral, it pairs well with everything. But is it, though?

Some people say that white paint might help make the most of a tiny space by reflecting light and drawing attention away from the room’s architectural features. Thankfully, the restricted color options for tiny spaces are no longer the rule but the exception (yay).

Small rooms painted white might appear much more boxy and uninteresting than they really are. Even though white is meant to reflect light and brighten a space, it might accomplish the reverse if every shade and dark nook is also shown.

When used as an accent or trim color, white might still be a striking option in a small room. Instead of the traditional white, interior designers suggest painting the walls a soothing pewter gray.

This stunning design will make sure that the room is illuminated by silvery gray paint and set off by the white trim. Simple, classic, and beautiful. What do you think?

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  1. what to know if burgundy for the kitchen with dark walnut cabinets all right, light lavender for living room with the dark walnut for window and door frames; sunny yellow for small bedroom and hot pink for bathroom?

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