9 Brilliant Living Room Storage Ideas You’ll Thank Us Later For


Does your space always feel cluttered? You’ll love these living room storage ideas! 

The struggle of living in a small home. I feel you! Even if I swear, I will never live in a small place because things don’t always happen as we want them to, and here I am. But instead of crossing my arms and pouting like a child, I started to look for various storage ideas to help me improve the look of my home. And guess what? In today’s article, I will share them with you too!

I hope you’re happy about this because I have quite a few. I tried it for myself, and it did wonders. So enough chit-chat, let’s see the best living room storage ideas you’re going to love:

living room storage
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1. Opt for modular furniture

One of the best living room storage ideas to make the most of your limited space is to opt for modular shelves. Because they provide the most versatility and the option to redecorate later, they are ideal for tiny rooms. It’s also less expensive than purchasing a complete bookcase! Select a system that works for what you need and the available space, then let your creativity go crazy!

If you wish to divide the entertainment area from a relaxing area or the workplace, modular drawers are also a great option. One style can be layered over the other. Since I discovered a wide variety of sizes and forms at Ikea, where I purchased mine, I usually suggest you visit the same location.

In case you don’t have an Ikea store in your neighborhood don’t worry! Amazon offers a wide variety of items similar to these as well. For example, what do you think about these Cube Storage Organizers? Easy to mount, move, and even clean, these 6 cubes are perfect for any small living room. You can find them on Amazon for $23.49!

2. Floor-to-ceiling storage systems

This is probably one of my favorite living room storage ideas! Don’t you love a big and pretty bookcase? Sure, you do, so why not invest in one for your small storage space? If bookcases aren’t exactly your thing because you want to opt for a minimalist display, that’s fine too, and built-in cabinets are a great alternative!

Systems of floor-to-ceiling shelves can be used to optimize available space while providing a useful storage area. Just be cautious and avoid using every wall for displaying items from floor to ceiling since this might make the space appear even more crowded.

3. Side tables are lifesavers!

When it comes to living room storage spaces, side tables can be a perfect addition. Easy to handle and nice to look at, everybody has at least one small table in their home. The key is to look for those who have a bit of extra room for storage.

On Amazon, there’s an enormous selection to pick from. While some of them are pricey, I’ll show you the side table I just bought for myself, and I think it looks really great! It has a nice basket underneath, which makes a great spot to put our magazines, books, and other toys from our dog that used to be scattered all over the living room floor.

Buying a side table isn’t exactly a match for your tight budget? No problem! You can always swap in a nightstand from your bedroom for even more hidden storage space!

4. Combine seating and storage

In many homes, the bulk of the area is occupied by sitting, especially in the living room. Your primary sitting furniture items may be made into useful, multifunctional designs that are ideal for small living spaces by mixing them with creative storage components.

Seek out a comfortable couch with an under-bed storage area. Two or three seats like ottomans for example would also look good if there was enough room for them.

5. Trunks are the new coffee tables

Coffee tables are cool but what do you think about a fancy trunk? They are great because they can maximize the amount of storage in a tiny living room. Its large interior can accommodate an abundance of living room necessities, and its top serves as a place to set down drinks and cups in addition to serving as a display space.

These trunks work particularly well for keeping things you don’t use frequently. You may bring the pillows, sheets, and any other bed accessories you don’t use and keep them in the trunk if, for example, your bedroom isn’t that big of a place. Trust me it will make a difference!

6. Stack them fancy!

Too many items, too little space? I get you! I have a huge collection of old magazines that I don’t want to throw away, but I couldn’t put them in the bookcase either. I tried to stack them to look a bit artsy and put them on the floor. But wouldn’t this make the living room look even smaller? Not at all!

I made use of them as a low-side table and plant stand. Such a Scandinavian vibe. My plants now appear somewhat happy as well! The height might be the reason, or the Vogue magazines. Or maybe both!

living room storage
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7. Take advantage of the corners

Dead space may be transformed into a tiny library by turning an uncomfortable corner into a storage area or reading area. If you want a more streamlined style, add a door; alternatively, just appreciate the eye-catching color that the book edges offer.

In my case, I used to have an old pantry next to my living room. Since I never used it for its initial purpose, I removed the door and transformed it into a tiny bookcase. At the bottom, I have a couple of boxes with shoes.

8. Floating shelves

The most adaptable kind of furniture for a living area is unquestionably wall shelves. You may use a single shelf over the couch as an art shelf or stack a couple for some cute photo frames from your family trips. While wall shelves with brackets may provide a rustic charm, floating shelves work well for a contemporary aesthetic. Choose your favorite according to the overall look of your living room!

And don’t worry about the price because there is undoubtedly a wall shelf that suits your taste and budget, regardless of your preferences.

9. Hide the clutter

Displaying your belongings is nice and all because it gives a bit of your personality to the room, but what if you had built-in storage to keep them hidden? I divided my living room into two parts: one with open space and three big drawers to hide all the stuff I don’t want my guests to see every time they come over. Boardgames, bedding, old pillows, candles, or important papers can be easily hidden in these cabinets.

In case you’re looking for a fancy one, I’d like to recommend this cabinet made from wood combined with rattan. It has one big drawer, three shelves, two doors, and a bit of storage space on top of it for small things like calendars or clocks. Plus, it’s not that expensive—just $125.99.

That’s it! I hope this article was useful. And if you want to spread the news with your friends I won’t mind! Feel free to share it with everybody who needs a helping hand in their journey to transform their home. 

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