8 Unexpected Washing Machine Items You WON’T Ruin by Cleaning


We bet you didn’t know about these unexpected washing machine items!

Have you ever wondered if there are items beyond clothes that could survive the soapy whirlwind? Well, you’re in for a treat! Crafty Captain is diving into the world of household chores and discovering the untapped potential of our washing machines.

From everyday items to beloved possessions, we’re here to reveal the secret life of your washing machine. Get ready to step up your cleaning game and unlock the full potential of this trusty household appliance.

So, join us and find out about 8 washing machine items you WON’T be ruining today. It’s time to make your laundry day an adventure!

Washing Machine Item
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Washing machine item: Mouse Pads

Chips, sweat, and energy drinks…these are the most common reasons why your mouse pad gets dirty. This means that it can be a major breeding ground for bacteria.

You should clean your mouse pad about once a month in your washing machine with some detergent and warm water in a delicate setting. We MUST warn you, though, that you’re better off skipping heat drying and opt for air drying instead.

Washing machine item: Pillows

It must be frustrating to buy expensive pillows only to replace them away a few months later. Well, keep your money because you can throw them in the washing machine! We’re talking about cotton, feather, polyester, or down pillows.

Memory foam pillows should NEVER go in your washing machine because it can damage the foam. It’s best to load two pillows at a time into your washing machine or use towels to bulk up the load if you only have one to wash.

This helps balance the drum and stops the washing machine from shaking when it picks up speed. Of course, you should follow the label instructions on the pillows for washing and drying, and be sure to air-dry them once finished to dry them out thoroughly.

Washing machine item: Sneakers

Considering all the grime that can build up on these items, we’re glad sneakers can be washed in the machine! But first, remove any excess dried dirt by hand. You definitely don’t want that in the washing machine. Then, take out the laces and the insoles of the shoes.

These can go in a mesh bag to stop them from knotting. Then, place your shoes, laces, and soles in the machine. Bulk up your load using towels. This step is crucial because you don’t want the boots thrown around during the cycle.

Wash with a mild detergent with cold water on a gentle cycle, then take them out to air-dry, ideally in the sunlight.

Washing Machine Item
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Washing machine item: Plastic shower curtains

If you have a traditional shower curtain in your bathroom, you’ll probably notice orange and black stains developing over time. We’re sorry to tell you that what you’re actually looking at here is mold and mildew.

It results from an ongoing humid atmosphere and any type of soap it gets splashed with. It’s not particularly pretty to look at and can smell quite foul, too. But before you buy a new shower curtain, you should know that these can go in the washing machine.

Simply remove any hooks and place the shower curtain in the washing machine. Don’t forget to bulk it out with towels to balance the load. Add your usual detergent, but you should use bleach if you have mold and the curtain is white or transparent.

Then, run the machine on a gentle cycle using the highest temperature allowed according to the care label. The temperature and recommended spin will depend on the material. Then, hang it back in place to dry.

Washing machine item: Hair ties

If you stop to think about it, hair ties retain quite a bit of grease and filth. Oils from our hair are transferred to these items. And if you wear them in the shower or on a hot day, they can also be subjected to moisture and sweat.

So yes, even these small items are safe to go in your washing machine. But because of their size, you need to take some extra precautions. Always place your small items, like hair ties, in a mesh bag.

You can then wash them with your regular load of laundry, and they won’t get lost during the cycle. Scrunchies can also be thrown in the washing machine as long as they’re made of durable fabrics like nylon, cotton, or polyester.

Washing machine item: Reusable grocery bags

Reusable grocery bags are excellent for saving on plastic. But these, too, can eventually grow dirty with regular use. Vegetables can be covered in soil, while a jar can occasionally leak. Reusable grocery bags will need cleaning once in a while to keep them looking like fresh.

Luckily, because they’re usually made from polyester or cotton, they, too, are suitable for the washing machine. Just turn them inside out, remove any inserts, and start the wash cycle according to the care label if you have one.

Generally, you should stick to a warm wash with your regular detergent. But a gentle cycle with cold water are best for reusable bags made from polypropylene.

Washing machine item: Pet beds

While we all adore our pets, we must admit that they have some downsides. One such problem is the inevitable smelly pet bed we all put up with. Whether your pet has an accident or the bed just gets used daily, it’ll eventually start to smell, and you’ll need to deal with it.

Some buy a new one when it reaches that point. But you can save yourself some money and run it through the washing machine instead. Most pet beds have care label instructions so you know which settings to choose.

Sometimes, just the cover can go in, and other times, the whole thing is suitable. It depends on what the interior is made of, as well as the size of the bed.

But remember to vacuum away pet hair with one of the best vacuums before throwing it in the wash and use a pet-safe detergent.

Washing Machine Item
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Washing machine item: Electric blankets

We understand why you would be cautious with this one. Electric blankets are one of those things we tend to avoid washing because of their internal electrical elements.

But, it might surprise you to find out that a lot of them are, in fact, machine-washable, with some even suitable for clothes dryers. And it’s a good thing, too, considering the amount of sweating we do when covered by such a heat source.

They often require the controller and power cables to be removed first, obviously. And as always, you should always check and follow the instructions for your particular brand. Some may not be ok in the machine, while others might require specific settings.

Typically, it requires a cold, gentle cycle with mild detergent is typical. And ensure it’s entirely dry before you use it again.

And if your electric blanket has seen better days and you’ve been meaning to replace it, we strongly recommend switching to one that’s machine-washable to make things easier on yourself, like this Oversized Flannel Heated Blanket from Amazon.

Did you know about these fantastic washing machine items? Let us know in the comments section below.

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