The ONLY Things You Should Clean Before Having Guests Are…


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Toilet seats

When you’re done scrubbing down your bathroom, make sure you scrub down the toilet seat, too. The toilet seat can accumulate extra germs and bodily fluids, so giving it a good scrub with a disinfectant might be much needed.

Your entire bathroom should get a good scrub, as the majority of people forget to get the outside of the toilet, too. And don’t ignore the inside of the bowl, the toilet seat, and, naturally, under the seat. Oh, and most important: the toilet lid hinges. Those are also important.

Light fixtures

The last place you shouldn’t ignore is your light fixtures, because those can get easily dusty and dirty. Grab a clean and damp cloth and a good dusting spray for a rapid clean, and make sure you also change any burned-out lightbulbs.

You might want to make sure the lights in your guest’s room are completely spotless, so you might have to get the other rooms at the same time. Go in every room and wipe down the fixtures; it won’t take that long, and it will make all the difference in the world.

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