The ONLY Things You Should Clean Before Having Guests Are…


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Main windows

Whether you realize it or not, your windows are also dirty. Also, if you have children, I’m pretty sure you’ve got a serious collection of hand prints all over your sliding glass door. Cleaning your windows could make a world of difference for your home.

Not only will your home feel cleaner, but you’ll also be able to see the beautiful views out the window. If you are short on time, you can focus on the main windows, the ones that your guests will most likely notice.


Last on the list of things to clean before having guests are the linens they will be using. For instance, if they stay a couple of days, you have to make sure they have fresh sheets. The bedding that’s pulled out of the linen closet, in most cases, isn’t exactly the freshest.

If you have to thoroughly clean your home but you’re also allergic to dust (like I am), then you’ll need proper help. Get yourself one of these Lint Free Microfiber Dusters and keep dust at bay!

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