The ONLY Things You Should Clean Before Having Guests Are…


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Just like with walls, we rarely remember to wipe down cabinets unless we see how big of a mess we’re dealing with. But wiping down cabinets might help avoid the buildup of grease, grime, and dust, especially in the kitchen.

You can wipe down the cabinets (and yes, we’re talking both inside and outside the cabinets) and then thoroughly dry them. Your guests might not inspect your cabinets, but anyway, giving them a nice deep clean might help your house smell good and stay tidy.

Light switches

Another good tip is to clean any light switches in your home, as these are often the ones that are forgotten about the most. However, they might harbor a ton of germs, so it’s highly important to give them a good wipe-down.

Cleaning your switches should be easy; you just have to use a disinfecting wipe or even an all-purpose cleaner and a rag and clean them really well. Also, don’t forget to clean the covers. You need to do this in every room, including your bathrooms, because they are particularly germ-ridden. Your guests will definitely appreciate being able to turn on the lights without worrying about germs.

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