14 Genius Duct Tape Hacks You Never Knew About


Duct Tape Hack
Photo by SashaMagic at Shutterstock

We found some duct tape hacks that will blow your mind!

Before we get into all the genius duct tape hacks you’ll want to try IMMEDIATELY, here’s a little fun fact you might not have been aware of: In the 1940s, the US military asked Johnson and Johnson to create “a waterproof, strong cloth based tape that could keep moisture out of ammunition cases.”

The result was a superhero tape made from a rubber-based adhesive which was laid on a durable duck cloth backing. Cut to all these years later, and it has evolved into the absolute darling of the do-it-yourself set.

Think about it… you’ll find duct tape in our toolboxes, craft room, sports bag, car trunk, and junk drawer. In fact, this adhesive wonder is even used on submarines and NASA spaceships.

While duct tape may be your first choice when you need to fix a leaky hose or hold together a leaky pipe, there are many more creative ways to use the tape that can save you tons of cash, too. So without further ado, check out 14 genius duct tape hacks you’ve been missing out on!

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