4 Dollar Store Hacks to Upgrade Small Rooms in a Day


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Upgrade your freezer

Most dollar stores will be full of plastic containers in all shapes and sizes that you can then use to organize your spaces to make the most of them. The freezer is not the first place that comes to mind when it comes to organizing using these types of items, but it should be! Most freezers are not the most spacious, and they can easily get cramped when you have to shove in a lot of different types of bags. Then it can get very easy to forget about a pack of frozen dumplings at the back of the freezer because you cannot see everything you have!

Save yourself the hassle and get yourself some appropriately sized storage bins from the dollar store. You can choose the transparent ones on which you can put a label (which can also be bought from the dollar store), or you can write on them with a sharpie, or you can get the colorful ones and remember what is in each bin by color! That way you can organize your freezer and make the most of the space since everything has its own space, you can easily find everything you need, and nothing will go forgotten again!

If you want to have labels that are going to last you a long while and you have more things you would like to label, we recommend you get yourself a label maker!

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