4 Dollar Store Hacks to Upgrade Small Rooms in a Day


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DIY Boot Tray

You may already have a shoe rack or even a shoe tray lying around in your hallways. Yet, whenever it rains or snows, you are bound to track inside all the water, which will end up dirtying your tray or shoe rack. What’s more, the tray may hold all the water contained, but it will also not allow your shoes to fully dry, and the shoe rack, if it’s made out of wood, will end up swelling from the moisture, and if it’s made of metal, it can drip the water on the floor, and you can get into other issues with all that moisture.

You also should not have to add too much furniture, as most hallways are quite small.

Next time you are at the dollar store, make sure to pick up a bag of decorative stones or glass pebbles. They are inexpensive and pleasing to the eye, and you can add them to your shoe tray. That way, when you place your shoes to dry, the water can go all the way to the bottom and help your shoes dry faster.

If you do not have a shoe tray already, do not worry! You do not need to invest in one if you do not want to: you may be lucky enough to find one at your local dollar store, but if not, you can get a serving platter from there; it can also be plastic, and it will match your hallway’s color scheme, and just like that, you have DIYed all the parts!

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