4 Dollar Store Hacks to Upgrade Small Rooms in a Day


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Save space in a small office

Office supplies that you can find at the Dollar Store can quickly become a lifesaver and help you organize your office space and keep your documents in order, even if you do not have the space for a file cabinet. These cabinets, while handy and useful, are also bulky and take up too much space, so you need to be creative in order to have somewhere to store your items and not clutter your desk. This is where you should look for plain file holders or even wire holders for papers at the dollar store.

You can easily attach those to the wall by mounting them there or hanging them from a few little screws or even pins if your wall allows it. Then you can label each file holder so you know what you have in each of them, and you’ve got two birds with one stone. Not only have you decluttered your desk and found a storage solution for all your papers, but you have also found a way to decorate your walls in a practical and pleasing-to-the-eye way despite the small space.

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