4 Dollar Store Hacks to Upgrade Small Rooms in a Day


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Add more storage to any wall

This one is extremely useful if you do not have a lot of space in your rooms or even bathrooms and do not want to spend a fortune on a hanging cabinet with the exact dimensions you need. At the dollar store, you will be able to find some wicker baskets, and they are going to make some amazing shelves for your spaces!

They can easily be mounted on the walls, and they are sturdy enough due to the wicker to make for some amazing floating shelves. They work amazingly in the bathroom, where you can hang a few from the wall so that you do not clutter the sink, and they can also double as storage if you do not have enough space in your cabinet (if you even have any).

If you have a small second bathroom, this is a great solution to hang around some supplies so that if at any point someone uses it, you do not have to worry about the space missing anything.

It is also useful if you want to make the most of your wall space in the bedroom or close to your vanity or wardrobe if you do not have space to store everything!

If you find that you need to declutter and reorganize your kitchen but do not know where to start with the task, make sure you read all about the best kitchen cabinet organization tips in this article!

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