9 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Costing You Time And Money


How many of these cleaning mistakes do you make?

Keeping your home clean is always a rewarding feeling. But the actual process itself isn’t all fun and games. So our best bet is to make cleaning as fast and painless as possible. Sadly, many of us are our own worst enemies when it comes to this.

Many of us do all sorts of foolish things that make cleaning harder than it has to be…not to mention things that end up costing us more of our hard-earned money in the long run! Those cleaning mistakes are why we’re here today.

We’ve created a list of cleaning mistakes you’ve been making that are causing your life to be more complicated. And we’ve got some simple strategies that will make your life easier. Continue reading to simplify your life!

Cleaning Mistake
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Cleaning Mistake: Failing To Replace Your Furnace Filter Regularly

Failure to regularly clean and replace your furnace filter causes it to clog up to the point where air can’t pass through it, causing wasted heat to be trapped in the system.

When the temperature in the system rises, the limit switch activates, shutting down the furnace to avoid overheating. This temporarily removes the issue but won’t solve the root cause.

Failure to replace the filter drives the furnace to overheat every time it starts, causing short cycling.

When extended, short cycling generates many issues for the furnace, such as a reduced system output and increased furnace wear and tear, leading to recurring breakdowns and shortening your furnace’s lifespan.

Also, a clogged furnace filter has to work double time to move the air throughout your home, resulting in higher energy bills. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could save more money on energy bills?

Cleaning Mistake: Using Dish Soap On Your Cast Iron Skillets

A good cast iron skillet is a priceless tool to have in your kitchen. But it’s essential to know how to take proper care of them. Even though most kitchen items can be cleaned up with dish soap, cast iron is not one of them!

Dish soap will only remove the “seasoned” layer on the surface of a cast iron, making it more likely that food will stick to the skillet in the future. Your best bet is to buy a solution specially created for cast iron to extend its shelf life, saving you money in the end.

Cleaning Mistake: Neglecting Your Roof

Neglecting your roofing system and putting off repairs results in short- AND long-term effects. The short-term effects can lead to moisture and water leaks, causing wall staining, mildew growth, and causing headaches and breathing problems for your family.

The roof holes or cracks that let in leaks also let hot air out during the winter and cold air during the summer, increasing your electricity bill.

Long-term neglect can lead to extreme water damage, causing insulation destruction and a sagging ceiling from all that extra weight, resulting in significant safety concerns.

Neglecting roof repairs only worsens the problem, leading to costly repairs. If not fixed on time, roof problems can greatly reduce your property’s value. This is definitely a cleaning mistake you’ll want to avoid!

Cleaning Mistake: Cleaning Your Floors First

This is a cleaning mistake that will end up costing you a lot of wasted effort. If your floors are dirty, it can be tempting to focus on them first when you start cleaning. But by doing so, you’ll only be creating more work for yourself in the long run!

The most efficient way of cleaning your home is by starting at the top and working your way down. That way, you won’t be pushing dust and dirt onto a clean floor, which could make you clean twice and waste all that precious time.

Cleaning your floors last guarantees that every speck of dust and dirt will get picked up as you finish cleaning. It’s an easy way to leave any space as tidy as possible!

Cleaning Mistake
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Cleaning Mistake: Overwatering Your Lawn And Plants

Watering your grass sparingly, or any other greenery for that matter, will encourage it to grow deeper roots, ensuring efficient water usage and a healthy lawn and plants.

Overwatering will facilitate shallow root growth, stressing your grass when water is unavailable and destroying the yard. It also results in excess water usage, which will increase your utility bills.

The same concept goes for your house plants. To grow healthier greenery while at the same time-saving water, your best bet is choosing the suitable silage for your location’s climate, ensuring you have the proper soil, and learning how to care for it.

Cleaning Mistake: Overfilling Your Vacuum Canister

If your vacuum canister is constantly packed to the brim and filled up with dust and dirt, it’s probably restricting your vacuum’s airflow. This could end up wearing out your vacuum’s motor over time, eventually losing suction entirely.

Instead, try to make a habit out of emptying the canister every time you use your vacuum. It may not be strictly necessary, but once it’s a habit, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to do it! And don’t neglect the filter inside, either.

Every couple of times you use it, take out the filter to clean it, or you might end up wondering why you’ve emptied it, but it still doesn’t have any suction.

Cleaning Mistake: Using The Wrong Carpet Cleaner

When we’re talking about removing carpet stains, it’s essential to use the proper tools for the job. And that means resisting the urge to just reach for your handy laundry stain remover!

These stain removers are meant to be thoroughly rinsed out when put in the wash, but it’s nearly impossible to rinse anything entirely out of your carpet without using all that heavy-duty cleaning equipment the pros have.

That’s why it’s vital to use a carpet-specific stain remover if you want to get the best results and create less damage to your carpeting when cleaning it.

Cleaning Mistake: Cleaning Your Windows In Circles

If you want spotless and streak-free windows, never use a circular motion when wiping them. Instead, you should first wipe the surface in a horizontal movement and then wipe it again vertically.

And since we’re on the subject of windows, bare windows could run up your utility bills! Blackout curtains aren’t just suitable for sleeping in on the weekends. They also help insulate your home against the weather outside.

The outcome? You might find that your utility bills are lower than usual. Wouldn’t you love to save a few dollars?

Cleaning Mistake
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Cleaning Mistake: Being Impatient

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned from experimenting with homemade cleaning and laundry solutions throughout the years is that patience can definitely be a virtue!

Allowing your favorite cleaning products to sit for a bit gives them time to infiltrate more deeply into messes and grime.

So the next time you’re tackling a stubborn stain on your doorknobs or some other sort of caked-on muddle, remember that it pays to be patient, and try letting it sit for a little bit!

The Bottom Line

Running your home can be costly, especially without a budget. Lacking financial judgments and choices can further hinder your budget, affecting your savings. So consider avoiding the above mistakes costing you a lot of money at home.

We hope you found this article on cleaning mistakes useful. And if you’re looking for some more amazing tips and tricks, we’ve got many more great reads for you. Check out: 18 Amazing Home Upgrades You Can Effortlessly DIY

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