18 Amazing Home Upgrades You Can Effortlessly DIY


Home upgrades aren’t cheap…Or are they?

If you feel as though your house is a bit dreary or maybe not as cozy as you want it to be, then an easy way to spruce up your residence is by finding some easy home upgrades to do.

Many people think that the only way to upgrade their living space is by doing extensive, not to mention costly, renovations that take a lot of time and burn a hole in their back pockets.

Yet, we’ve discovered that with just a few changes here and there to your home, it can feel like new again. With just a bit of effort and work, you can make your home look and feel like some sort of new and luxurious dwelling. The secret? It’s all in the details!

So if you’re stuck and are looking for some effortless ways to upgrade your home, let us help you by providing you with some affordable home upgrades you can make to your living spaces.

Home Upgrade
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Home Upgrade: Transform Your Entryway

This project is one of the best home upgrades you can do to increase your curb appeal without that much work. You can either paint or replace your front door. If it happens to be of good quality, a simple paint job will do the trick.

And don’t be fearful of going with something that will stand out. And putting in a new door is another effortless beginner job you can tackle if the old one just won’t do anymore.

If your steps are made out of concrete, you can give them some epoxy or roll-on finishes to upgrade their look while, at the same time, this makes them less slippery. Another thing to consider is replacing your old railings, if you have any, with something a bit more modern.

This will make your entrance feel more inviting. If the weather permits, adding a simple bush or your favorite flowers can add a pop of color to your space as well.

Home Upgrade: Lightbulbs

A great cost-effective home update would be to replace your old lightbulbs with warm LEDs. You’ll find some great options at both IKEA and Amazon. Just be sure to always check the Kelvin value.

This indicates color temperature. 2700K is generally considered a soft white. Anything higher than that will make your rooms feel cold and uninviting.

Home Upgrade: Insulate Your Attic

We know, we know! This isn’t a fun job. But it can save you a boatload of money on all that lost heating, and it’s a relatively simple task. You’ll first have to measure the space and go out to buy the proper insulation batting to fill your exposed ceiling cavities.

Spray insulation is only recommended if you have experience in the field. But measuring and cutting batts is something that anyone with a sharp knife and a measuring tape can tackle.

Make sure you cover exposed areas of your skin, wear protective gloves, and put on some goggles to protect yourself from those annoying itchy fibers that go airborne.

Home Upgrade: Re-Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

This job is a bit more involved than replacing the hardware altogether, but the results are worth it. After choosing your favorite color and prepping the cabinets, you’ll find that the actual job of painting this essential kitchen item is fast and effortless.

It’s simple, too. You have to clean them, scuff them up with some sandpaper, prime them, and paint them using two coats. Simple, right?

Home Upgrade: Faux Crown Molding

You can upgrade any room by making it look more elegant. Crown molding is a timeless element that adds character to your home. And there are many affordable options rather than just going through the traditional route of polystyrene foam that’s covered in plaster.

There are many easy versions out now that are light and easy to attach. And you don’t have to keep tinkering with the corners to get it right, either!

Home Upgrade: Update Your Landscaping

Don’t be discouraged. Changing up your landscaping is easier than you might think. And it can be pretty affordable too. For the most part, all you have to do is dig up your older plants and replace them with some new ones.

Furthermore, if you wait until the end of the season, nurseries will usually give you big discounts on their plants. When doing this home upgrade project, try to pick out plants that will be in bloom throughout the season.

Choose some larger plants to place in the back, while smaller ones look fantastic in the front.

Home Upgrade: Light Switches

This is a super easy home upgrade, but it’s one you won’t regret. Simply replace those old beige or white outlets and light switch covers in your home with some ceramic or stone ones, something to match your home. It will make such a big difference.

Home Upgrade: Add Classic Wainscoting

Wainscoting is a genius way to give your space a home upgrade if you’re willing to spend a few days transforming a room and are a fan of the more traditional look.

The price varies, but installing these wood panels in a small to a midsize room shouldn’t cost more than a couple hundred dollars. And the end results are hard to ignore: bright white, clean lines, and a classic finish.

Home Upgrade
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Home Upgrade: A Fresh Coat Of Paint

One of the fastest and most effortless ways to upgrade a room when you’re on a budget is to add a fresh coat of paint to your walls. The color could have faded over time, or there are visible stains from an unfortunate accident.

Whatever the case may be, you can make any room look brand new again by simply reapplying the same shade of color or going with a remarkably different shade just to switch up the aesthetic of the space.

Home Upgrade: Invest In Some Consistent Finishes And Fixtures

Let’s talk about an essential item of any luxurious home decorating job. Matching fixtures are a MUST!

Before you start installing new light faucets, fixtures, door handles, and cabinet hardware, consider your style, which material best reflects that, and which will stand the test of time. After that, make each fixture a constant throughout your home.

Visitors won’t instantly recognize this vital home upgrade task, but it will create a more polished, put-together look for your entire house.

Home Upgrade: Affordable Stair Runner

Stairs can get slippery sometimes. But you can prevent accidents by adding a stair runner for some additional support and grip. Which fabric and material you choose can also make your home look elegant.

And the best part about it is that this is an easy home upgrade project you can do by yourself instead of paying someone your hard-earned cash to do it for you.

Home Upgrade: Choose Comfort

What’s more luxurious than having a warm hand or bath towel in your master bathroom? Towel warmers come in many freestanding or wall-mount design versions. Just bear in mind that you’ll need to either plug the towel warmer into an outlet or wire it in directly.

Home Upgrade: Painted Floors

Changing a room’s decor can be difficult if what you choose doesn’t go with your flooring. You don’t want to rip it all up either because that’s a pricey job. So instead, you can paint your floors to give them a new look and make the rest of your space pop.

Home Upgrade: Build A Fence

A fence is not that complicated and doesn’t require more than a weekend. So it’s perfect for rookie DIYers who want to test out their carpentry talents. Digging the posts is a bit labor-intensive, but it’s not rocket science, and measuring out the boards is relatively simple.

Also, it’s a perfect chance to learn how to use a level and chalk line to get everything straight and upright. This will come in handy for any future projects you might have in mind.

Home Upgrade: Interior Shutters

It’s always nice to have some sunlight streaming through your windows. But is it really worth your neighbors peeking into your home and seeing what you’re doing?

Well, you can add some privacy by installing interior shutters so you can still get the sunlight you want without the outside world spying on you.

Home Upgrade: Updated Handles

Since we’ve discussed slapping some new paint on your cupboards, how about changing the handles as well? Cabinet handles can brake or get grungy over time. So invest in some upgrades that will improve your kitchen’s aesthetic even more.

The great part is that there are many options to choose from, so yu can even get creative!

Home Upgrade
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Home Upgrade: Re-fab Your Garage

Garages can quickly become messy storage spaces where old camping gear and sports equipment get lost. A proper cleaning job is something we can all do. But turning this into a storage project can be an excellent beginner DIY task.

This job requires entry-level design and organization skills to capitalize on the space entirely, but it won’t need any significant skills like trim or cabinetry work. Re-purposed shelves, pegboards, and some paint cans will be your best friend for this home upgrade.

Home Upgrade: Ceiling Fan

If you’ve been looking for an ideal way to save on your energy bills, then ceiling fans are the perfect answer to your problem. During the summertime, they can circulate fresh air, so your AC won’t have to work so hard.

Turn the fan in the other direction during the wintertime, and it’ll send warm air around your room. So no more over-clocking your radiator just to keep your house warm.

We hope you got some really great tips from this article. Be sure to let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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