11 Tile Trends You Need to Try in 2023


Whether we’re talking about floors, backsplashes, shower stalls, or even fireplaces, it’s safe to say that tiles are style savers. Yep, that’s right, we’ve just come up with that.

While before tile design could only be seen in a certain cookie-cutter shape in monochromatic tones, either white or grey, in 2023 experts believe that homeowners want to experiment with bolder, fresher tile styles.

And like many other trends in home design, organic shapes, and bold patterns, these particular statement pieces are very promising. Isn’t it exciting? Here are some of the most important tile trends you should definitely keep an eye on in 2023:

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Handmade tiles

Handmade tiles came back in style in 2019, when the zellige tile craze popped out. Luckily for us, there’s no sign that this trend will slow down anytime soon.

“The kitchen backsplash and other tile trends for this year are all about handmade and natural elements” as Lyndsey Moore, Principal Designer at The Lynden Lane Co. confirmed. The best part of all this is that there aren’t two handmade tiles that look the same, which results in a very organic, artisanal look, which you’ll immediately find both comforting and inviting.

If we were to listen to Sarah Barnard, owner and principal designer at Sarah Barnard Design LLC, then handmade tiles are a good choice if you’re looking for a more personalized look, that is celebrating craftsmanship and the whole process of tile making at the same time. All these natural variations of color and texture will immediately add more dimension to any given space.

High gloss

High gloss tiles are very elegant if you ask me. They are also a great choice if you’re dreaming of a brighter space because they reflect the light in the room.

Barnard expects to see many homeowners going for this high-shine finish, as it’s an easy and practical way to create warm, illuminating effects in any kitchen and bathroom.

She also added that metallic tones and accents in tiles will instantly bounce more light, which will bring a particular decorative shimmer that will make the home look…better.

Decorative patterns & mosaics

Bold colors and patterns are super trending in home design at the moment, and everyone expects to see this trend reaching tile designs, too. Decorative tiles might look illustrative, as it turns a wall into a work of art. Also, patterned tiles might easily become a relevant focal point, as more neutral colors will keep the tile from seeming too busy or overpowering.

However, if you’re reluctant to try this on an entire wall, you can always go for a small accent wall, and choose something less complicated for the rest of the space.

Natural stone

Biophilic design has become really popular in the last couple of years, and it doesn’t seem to go out of style anytime soon. So as far as tile trends go, experts agreed on one thing: homeowners will opt for natural stone tiles that are entirely made from materials such as granite, slate, marble, travertine, and even limestone.

These tiles will never go out of style, they’re extremely sophisticated, durable, and very easy to maintain.

Textured tile

What about textured and three-dimensional tiles? From what we’ve discovered, they’re also known as tactile tiles, and they’re also expected to pop in 2023.

It seems that textured tiles bring a certain sculptural effect to any visually dramatic and striking wall. It’s also one of the easiest ways to add a desired visual interest and depth to any room.

And the best part with textured tiles is that you don’t even have to try wild and intricate color patterns, if that’s not your cup of tea, because there are already so many neutral textures from which you can choose!

As I said before, these organic handcrafted tiles have been a thing for quite some time now, but it seems that geometric and metallic designs are also coming in strong.

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Monochromatic checkerboard patterns

High-contrast checkerboard tiles will ALWAYS be in style, but as Stephanie Agne, the founder and designer at Golden & Pine explained, we should expect to see a more monochromatic approach to this timeless classic in 2023.

“It’s true that black and white is classic, but just how great good could a really subtle contrast be?” For those who prefer neutral palettes and would rather try something completely new and different, this up-and-coming trend is definitely something you’d want to try out.

Statement backsplashes

Moore believes that statement backsplashes are bound to become the biggest trend of the year. As kitchens are usually centered around cabinetry or even countertops, this year, more kitchens are expected to be centered around another statement: the backsplash. We’re noticing super dramatic statement pieces for interesting kitchen backsplashes.

The whole antithesis of subway tiles is about to go in style. We’ve also been advised to keep an eye on interesting stone choices, such as Breche Fantastique from the stone house Antolini.

tiles trend
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Unique shapes

As homeowners experiment with newer and bolder design choices, interior designer Katie Simpsons from Mackenzie Collier Interiors seems to think that tiles in various and unique shapes will be the next big thing in 2023.

As she added, nobody goes with a classic rectangle tile nowadays, as more and more people prefer funky forms. She also pointed directly to Fireclay’s Chaine Homme Tile, but also WoW Design’s Aquarelle O pill-shaped tiles as two of the most relevant examples of interesting, new tile shapes that we will see this year.

Graphic color block

And since we’re all about cheerful interiors that make you feel GOOD, we have to mention the color block trend that will also become increasingly popular.

When it comes to this trend, it’s super easy: you simply mix a couple of shades at opposite ends of the color wheel, or you can also be more subtle and combine solid swathes in more delicate hues.

If you want to break up stronger colors, all you have to do is to add white tiles or go for a muted version of the same bold shade. It will bring some sort of “visual pause” that’s much needed when we’re talking about bolder designs.

Indoor meets outdoor

As we keep on inspired by nature when it comes to finding a certain sense of peace and serenity, it seems that more and more interiors are designed to resemble the outside.

There’s nothing nicer than a kitchen, dining space, or even a living room that flows out to a terrace, which is why so many people go for this approach. It also allows them to reuse the outdoor tiles on the inside, but it also makes a cohesive aesthetic that naturally links to separate spaces.

Timeless chequerboard

This design has been around for many years, and we couldn’t help but notice how in style it still is. As these tiles will never really go out of style, we automatically assumed that chequerboard floor tiles will also be a hot trend in 2023, because of their breadth and versatility.

If black and white tiles might seem a bit too harsh, you could also go for other tonal alternatives, like Fragmenta Ivory Porcelain and Fragmenta Green Porcelain terrazzo tiles.

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