5 Expert Tips on Where to Place Your Christmas Tree


Christmas is coming right up, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! As we’re currently in the most charming month of the year (for Christmas junkies, of course), I think it’s fair to say that we can finally bring those decorations (although I must admit, mine have already been up for a while now).

But let’s put aside the matter of WHEN to put up that festive decor, and focus on the WHERE. Have you ever wondered if your Christmas tree is really in the right place?

Because when it comes to Christmas decorating, probably THE most important decoration is the tree! Putting up that marvelous Christmas tree is nothing but a nostalgic ritual that helps us get in the proper festive mood, but it’s also the place where all the gifts are!

So given that the Christmas tree is seen as the heart of the home during the Holiday season, it MUST have a special and particular place in our home, where the family gathers around during that magic night!

When it comes to this magical tree, there is a wide range of things you have to factor in: an awkward room layout, heat sources, and the size of the room. Let’s see what you can do!

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Avoid heat sources

Naturally, you want your Christmas tree to be placed somewhere particular in your room, where it can be easily noticed, but there are also a couple of practical points you have to factor into your decision.

As the Christmas tree expert Deemer Cass from Fantastic Gardeners explained, “you need to avoid putting it closer to radiators or fireplaces. This way, it won’t dry out, look wilted, or shed its needles.”

He also added that if you simply can’t avoid a warm place, at least make sure the stand or box you place the tree is always filled with enough water, as a Christmas tree needs half of gallon of water per day.

If you avoid radiators and you properly water it, you will make sure that the Christmas tree is still alive in time for the 25th. Fortunately, there are a couple of sturdy options for Christmas trees, which aren’t as prone to dropping their needles.

If you want to set up your tree way before Christmas, we strongly recommend you get a Nordmann Fir, because it’s the best choice when it comes to heated conditions.

Plus, their needles won’t drop for a very long time. Naturally, these heat sources won’t even be an issue if you go for an artificial tree.

Place the tree in a corner, if your room isn’t that big

When you decide where to put your tree, a corner of the room might become a go-to spot for most of us, and for very good reason. Probably the biggest benefit of choosing a corner to house your charming tree is that it won’t take up way too much floor space in your house.

While fitting a Christmas tree in a smaller living room might be a challenge to many this time of the year, a corner is definitely a safe choice, as long as the space is on the pokier side.

“Your tree will perfectly complete the room, so if you don’t have enough space for it, the best thing is to move an item or even a piece of furniture out of the room and place the tree instead.” as Wendy Rea, expert florist, and manager at Direct2Florist.

Maybe a lot of folks out there won’t even consider doing this, but this doesn’t mean that the tree should be squeezed in anywhere. Also, make sure the tree is somehow proportional to the room.

You could also consider light levels in your home. “It might help you to place the tree in a room that’s nicely lit, in order to get enough natural light.

This will only highlight the beautiful and natural green tones of the foliage, but also help the baubles to shine. Depending on the particular layout of your space, make sure you place the tree closer to a window or in an open corner.

Use your windows to boast your Christmas tree to the outside world

The Christmas tree is meant to bring joy and warmth to you and your family, but this doesn’t mean that others can’t enjoy its beauty, too. If you have a house with gorgeous large windows that face out onto the street, your tree might easily make a show-stopping statement for all the passers-by.

Trust me, they will definitely notice it, if it’s placed in the pain view. As Sarah Bowen, interior designer and the proud co-founder of home improvement site Spruce Up mentioned, as long as you have a baby window, it’s absolutely a no-brainer that the tree should sit RIGHT in the middle of it, as the window will frame it perfectly.

The same rule applies to tall, wide windows: they’re simply the best spot to show off a Christmas tree. Not only will your tree lighten up instantly the faces of all visitors or passers-by, but the sight of the tree will be a great welcome home for you after a long and exhausting day.

Make sure you fluff your Christmas tree if it is artificial, to seem fuller and boost its curb appeal!

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Take note of the power outlets

When it comes to placing the Christmas tree in the right spot, it’s also essential to factor in all the power outlets in your room. You want to make sure it’s closer to a power source, especially if you plan to add many joyful lights.

I mean, nobody wants to fret over the lengthy extension cables across the living room, right? “You might find the perfect position for your tree, but it’s all in vain as long as it’s not near a power outlet,” Sarah explained. She also added that you will probably have to switch the Christmas tree lights every day, so you have to wisely decide on the location, and consider everything, especially the power outlet your lights will be plugged into.

I know that a Christmas tree right in the middle of your space might seem extremely tempting (if you have a big room), but you should know that the lack of nearby outlets will prove to be more difficult than expected.

It’s true that finding the proper placement can be hard at times, maybe that’s why many folks make the mistake of placing the tree right in the middle of the room. However, the best conditions are always in a corner that’s also closer to plug sockets. Besides that, the tree is not at risk of getting knocked.

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Don’t limit yourself only to the living room

Usually, the Christmas tree stays in the living room. It’s where we spend most of the time, especially on Christmas Eve, plus it gives a particular touch to that cozy, relaxing atmosphere we all love so much.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should limit your tree to the living room. If you have an expansive entryway, it can be a great spot for your Christmas tree, especially if it has a double height or even a vaulted ceiling.

This will allow you to pick a taller tree. If you’re REALLY into the Christmas spirit, you can always have two Christmas trees: one that’s placed in your entryway, and the other one in your main living area.

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