Create a Gorgeous BBQ Oasis With These 9 Easy Hacks!


If you’re also considering trying one or two BBQ ideas for your garden, then you will definitely be able to invite your favorite friends to one of the best alfresco get-togethers. And while we’re expecting warmer weather, the best thing we could do is start planning NOW!

Whether you’ve decided to invest in one of the most efficient BBQs or you already have a grill that you don’t want to throw out, creating a special area for cooking and celebrating is a great way to zone up that space.

We’ve got everything: from sunken patios that will gladly shelter you from any bad weather to boho-chic covers that will let you grill up a storm no matter how the weather looks like. They’re all great, they’re all worth trying, let’s see what fits in your garden!

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Super stylish shelving for your BBQ space

We’d recommend you consider adding more storage space to an outdoor grill station. This way, you’ll be able to keep all the sauces, condiments, and tools at your arm’s reach. Besides, you will have the option to become creative with your styling choices – we’re talking rustic wooden chopping boards and small, cute pots filled with herbs – that will definitely step up the aesthetic game. They’re also super practical to have nearby.

We’re huge fans of those patterned tiles if you want to try something bold, for a little bit of extra character. Such a setup arranged along one of the garden’s walls would allow some space for a dining table and chairs that would be positioned directly in front, keeping the space as open as possible and just perfect for socializing with your guests while cooking.

Surround your BBQ area with some nice planters

With its minimal palette of only made with a couple of colors, such as white, lush green, and timber, this particular setup is filled with contemporary appeal. There’s a lot of space you could maneuver while you cook and socialize.

Even more, a practical bench will give you the needed space to budge up and let more guests sit down. Don’t forget about lighting, especially if you’re planning your BBQ space ideas, as a couple of sleek wall lights might take the zone from day to night effortlessly.

However, la pièce de résistance is the statement planters, which are lined around the perimeter and suspended on the walls. With a strong, fragrant herb garden, they give a certain sensory benefit to the whole space. Besides, they elevate grilled goodies with their flavor. They would have ended up on them anyway!

Subtly divide your BBQ space from the dining zone

You could prefer keeping your cooking space and dining area a bit separate. Of course, not separate enough that it would become a chore to go back and forth all the time, but just enough to make that BBQ you’ve dreamed of all week, no matter the weather conditions. Besides, with this kind of outdoor kitchen setup, you could easily leave the washing up later, since it will be completely out of your way.

Plus, if you opt for a sleek worktop that would double up as a bar, the BBQ space could become an entertaining zone on its own later on in the event. This is perfect if you like hosting garden parties because it will allow your guests to walk around your plot.

Keep it modern with a modular prep station

If you’re currently looking for interesting outdoor grill ideas that you can use for slightly smaller spaces, then look no more! You could easily try going for modular units because they will allow you to mix, match, and rearrange the space the way you want to. This on-trend set has everything you could need to cook up that BBQ feast.

Plus, its cool gray hue perfectly complements the surroundings. All that you might need is a comfortable, modern dining table and some chairs to complete the whole area, and you’ll have a great base for entertaining your guests in style.

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Use a sunken patio for dining alfresco

Using multiple levels in your backyard is a great landscaping technique, as you have the option of creating multiple zones, like this sunken seating and grilling space. Besides, if you opt for a portable BBQ design and intricate, foldable furniture for your patio, it could all be moved easily, in case you would need the floor space for something else.

Let’s say…for a Twister game, perhaps? Not to mention how easy it would be to store it during winter! Tall walls and raised beds provide the needed shelter from the wind, as you cook and relax. And if you want some extra privacy, you could get a row of espalier trees, to hide your events from the sneaky eyes.

Add a small BBQ to your balcony

Tiny plots shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your stylish outdoor living. Even if you have a small balcony garden, you could still host a nice BBQ dinner party, as long as you opt for a couple of savvy space-saving solutions.

A BBQ that you can attach to railings is just a wonderful example of things you could get for a smaller balcony, as it will take no floor space at all. You could also pair it with a folding bistro set, and you’ll end up with a petite setup for a romantic dinner. If you feel that something’s missing, you could always add some vertical planters with smelling blooms to the railings.

Up the ambiance of your bbq space with some beautiful lanterns

You should know that a proper outdoor lighting scheme can do wonders for any given space, including BBQ areas. Lighting is super important for setting the scene and creating the proper ambiance outdoors.

Whether you go for warm, fuzzy lights or a glowing lamp, using soft lighting is the best way to get that cozy atmosphere, even more so during cold winter months. You could also try positioning lanterns at various heights around your entertainment zone.

If you decide on the prettiest ones, you will get that twinkling glow that looks SO GOOD when the sun sets. As an alternative, you could opt for outdoor-suitable LEDs, if you would rather avoid getting the ones with real flames.

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Cover your BBQ zone, to use it year-round

Since we’re on covered spaces, if you really like the idea of entertaining outdoors throughout the season, then you could add a cover to your BBQ area. There are various options to choose from: whether we’re talking modern, louvered pergolas, or even the good-old timber gazebos.

It will definitely turn your cooking and dining space into a beautiful garden “room” that you can enjoy, no matter the season. All you have to do is to make sure you seek more information from your BBQ manufacturer, as you might need to know if there’s sufficient clearance and minimize all the safety risks.

Brighten your BBQ dining area with some colorful accessories

Probably the best outdoor dining spots are practical and beautiful at the same time, and this alternative is definitely both. We’re talking about plenty of comfy seatings and a simple, easy wipe-clean table, and a portable BBQ on the side.

And just like with any other outdoor living space, the difference can be made with these finishing touches. You can accessorize the setup with a pretty, tropical-style outdoor rug, scented blooms, and pastel dinnerware. You’ll get that summery vibe that goes so well with BBQs!

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