7 Easy Ways to Make Your Front Porch Look Stunning


front porch
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6. Mix and match textures

Similar to No. 4, mixing and matching is a great way to make your front porch look stunning. The key is to link textures so the areas tie together or distinguish something special, like a centerpiece.

Wicker is a great outdoor choice for this type of thing since it often includes seating, tables, and even containers. Rustic wood is another amazing selection for your outdoor spaces, as are antique metal lawn chairs like the ones your grandparents might have owned.

When it comes to hanging accessories and stuff like whirligigs, you can choose the ones that attract birds, or you can mix up bird houses, bird feeders, whirligigs, and wind chimes—just make sure you don’t make your porch too “busy” with all these decorations.

Another way to make your front porch look stunning and pull the area together is by choosing a wicker floor mat or outdoor carpeting in a color that matches the furniture.

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