7 Easy Ways to Make Your Front Porch Look Stunning


outdoor plants
Photo by Helen Sushitskaya from Shutterstock

3. Add plants and flowers

This is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your front porch look stunning. You just need some plants and flowers! They are always a great option for outdoor spaces.

Step up the game and hang your favorite plants along the wrap-around porch. Not only will this idea make your front porch look stunning, but it will also increase privacy by creating a lacy screen of greenery.

Large pots placed on the floor can do the same thing, especially when combined with latticework backdrops that are ideal for moonflowers or cardinal climbers. If you’re a beginner in the gardening game or if you simply don’t have time to care for plants and flowers, artificial plants can be substituted for real ones. Of course, you should make sure you keep them seasonal.

However, keep in mind that even artificial plants need some attention. They need to be hosed down, dusted, or even replaced with fresh ones when they turn sun-faded.

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