7 Easy Ways to Make Your Front Porch Look Stunning


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7. Add pops of color

What better way to make your front porch look stunning than by playing with colors? Using neutral colors for the main part of your porch setting creates a great backdrop for pops of color. Pale sandy upholstery can be draped with a bright shawl or complimented with bright throw pillows.

Green vines can also make your front porch look stunning by creating a lovely display, especially when they have bright blossoms. A summer wreath of zinnias or sunflowers (artificial flowers are a great idea here) can easily become the centerpiece of your front door.

When it comes to plants, you can either grow those that have bright flowers or opt for some colorful pots. Here are some decorative plant pots you can easily integrate into your outdoor space.

If you’d rather have a more muted color scheme on your front porch, go for purples and blues instead of brighter hues.

These ideas to make your front porch look stunning are great, but have you read Top 9 Most Popular Exterior Home Colors?

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