12 Genius Small Bathroom Solutions You Can DIY


Find out the perfect small bathroom solutions to simplify your life!

Small bathrooms have tons of potential to be incredibly charming and functional. But unless yours is a cute little bonus powder room with no purpose other than washing your hands before dinner, a small size bathroom can also be tricky to maneuver around.

Where do towels go? How about hooks for wet ones? And how much room can be used for all your bottles and everything else you need? Done right, a small bathroom solution can be chic, with the personality to spare.

You just need some inspiration and tips from the pros to start reevaluating yours. So don’t let limited space stop you from living large! Make every inch count, and you’ll forget how small your bathroom actually is.

Whether you’re working on your personal bathroom, a downstairs guest bathroom, or the bathroom you share with the entire family, here’s how to make it work…no matter the size.

Small Bathroom Solution
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Small Bathroom Solution: Paint The Walls And Woodwork In The Same Shade

Paint is one of the best design tools out there, and you can use it, in this case, to make a small-sized bathroom feel bigger.

When you paint the woodwork in your bathroom white, for instance, it visually separates the wall from the skirting, window frames, and any edging you might have above, including picture rails.

By painting the entire area in one color, you’re creating a seamless finish that the eye can flow around without any interruptions. Painting a bathtub in a separate color also distracts the eye.

Another good idea to keep in mind is that wide-planked floorboards will make the floor appear larger as well. By creating visual illusions, you’ll make your small bathroom look much bigger!

Small Bathroom Solution: Large Vanity

According to designers, a more oversized vanity can actually be the way to go, even if it might seem counterintuitive. “Buy the largest vanity you can possibly get,” they say. It’ll give you a lot more counter space to work with, and it makes everything look a little bit bigger.

You could also hide all of your knick-knacks and essentials with a skirted vanity flowery chintz to bring a touch of a garden into your bathroom.

Small Bathroom Solution: Use Wallpaper To Decorate A Small Bathroom

An easy way of adding some character to a country-style bathroom, for example, is by putting up patterned wallpaper.

While it might not be the first choice you’d think of, wallpaper can be applied as long as the room is well-ventilated and it has an extractor fan so that steam won’t damage it.

Simply apply a strong bond underneath, and add a coat of decorator’s varnish on top of it to help protect it against any moisture. You can even use vinyl wallpaper that’s created specifically for bathrooms.

But it’s best to stick to tiles or paneling in wet areas around the bathtub or above a sink.

Small Bathroom Solution: Install An Alcove Shelf

Have you been glumly staring at the wasted space above your bathtub? If so, we’ve got good news! You can put it to good use with an easy feature to maximize your bathroom storage space: a recessed alcove!

It’ll be an excellent spot for all your candles, bath salts, sponges, and anything else you might want to store there.

Small Bathroom Solution: Add Some Luxury

If there’s one room that could use a little bit more luxury in your home, it’s definitely the bathroom. Designers recommend using wall-mounted furniture to keep your floor space clear if you have a small bathroom.

And sticking to a neutral palette would be ideal if you dream of having an elegant spa-like look. As we’ve already discussed, this helps avoid breaking up the room with different colors, making it feel boxy.

And don’t be shy about adding a little more glamor to your bathroom ideas to make it seem like a spa. For instance, a bath caddy could help create a polished look if you have a bathtub in your space.

And when it comes to your towels, a freestanding towel rack or rail will add some sophistication to this room.

Small Bathroom Solution
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Small Bathroom Solution: Use Paint To Spruce Up Your Small Bathroom

Painting the fitted furniture in a bathroom is a perfect way to introduce some stronger colors that are complemented with neutral walls or even vice versa.

Painted bathroom paneling is still very trendy nowadays, and designers love combining beautiful, intense colors, like Malahide or Invisible Green, with stunning wallpapers.

Painting an old bathtub is another great way to infiltrate some color into your tiny bathroom. Colors like earthy browns Brick or Etruscan Brown are designer favorites.

Small Bathroom Solution: Be Strategic With Your Patterns

Even though you might be tempted to go all-out with different patterns in your small bathroom as a way of creating a statement on a small scale, designers recommend taking a step back and really being strategic with how you want the finished bathroom to look.

For instance, you can put a pattern on the floor but keep your walls neutral by adding some texture either in a molding detail or wallpaper.

Small Bathroom Solution: Personalize With Monograms

You can put in a monogrammed shower curtain featuring a classic border. Some other great ideas include lovely framed prints and a garden stool that take up very little space but can go a long way as far as making the bathroom look a bit more formal.

Small Bathroom Solution: Take Your Storage Space To The Next Level

When the floor space is limited in your bathroom, choose some storage solutions and hang them on the walls! There are many bathroom shelving ideas that double up as a place for organization and allow you to add some personal touches.

If you’re renting your home, you can set up this kind of layout by using adhesive wall-mounted shelves.

Small Bathroom Solution: Invest In Adequate Lighting

When we’re talking about a design for a small bathroom, it’s essential to recognize the importance of good bathroom lighting ideas.

This should always include decorative wall lights on either side of a mirror to give off a softer, more flattering light for your face and an ornamental feature. Lighting is more than just functional.

As far as bathroom Feng Shui goes, lighting concepts for small bathrooms are a critical design element that should be planned at the beginning of a project. The best type can be an instant energy booster and make you feel refreshed in the morning and relaxed in the evening.

Small Bathroom Solution
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Small Bathroom Solution: Consider A Fixed Shower Panel

Instead of having a sliding or swinging glass door on your shower, designers recommend you consider a fixed panel instead. They suggest moving your shower handle to the open-end side. This way, you can turn on your shower head without getting wet in the process.

There are many 2-in-1 shower head options, so you don’t have to bother with both a shower head and a handheld.

Small Bathroom Solution: Leave Windows Bare

Natural light is too significant for curtains or anything of the sort to block cramped spaces.

If there’s enough privacy where you can afford to keep your windows bare, then you should focus on blending rich materials somewhere else to do the visual heavy lifting rather than adding any bulky window treatments.

Have our tips given you a fresh perspective on redesigning your small bathroom? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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