The 5 Best Colors for This Year


Are you wondering what colors everyone will be talking about this year?

Every year, there are numerous companies and publications that end up declaring the color of the year. Be it Pantone’s impressive colors, which are sometimes created, or one of the colors that fashion designers end up deciding is the color of the year, there are multiple options, and even the most famous designer sometimes cannot choose just one color.

Despite this, every year is known to be dominated by a few colors. And since a lot of us feel the need to change something in our house—or maybe we just love a good DIY or remodeling project—knowing the favorite colors of the year chosen by interior designers is a must!

Be it that we may resonate with one of them and then finding it will be easy, or because we are re-doing a house or crafting something, using these colors this year is bound to give you favorable results.

It could also be that we are just curious and want to see what the trends will look like this year! No matter your reason, here are some of this year’s colors, which are bound to bring a splash of color into your life!

Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments down below!

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No.1 Pink and Rose Hues

If there is one color trend to look out for, it is rose and pink. After all, it was only a matter of time before pink made its comeback after Millenial pink took the world by storm in 2016. This year interior designers are extremely excited to see moody pinks make a comeback in the design world, so if you see a lot of pieces and paints that appear in this color variation, know that it is not a coincidence.

Designers praise pinks for their versatility, but generally because they are seen as a healing and tranquil hue (most probably they are not talking about the hot pink variations). What’s more, the possibilities are endless, and homeowners have already been seen looking towards these hues outside of wanting to paint their nurseries pink.

Not to mention that when large paint companies choose pink-infused variations as their pigment of the year, there will be a lot of pink color variations on the market soon. Sherwin Williams chose Red End Point, Dunn-Edwards chose Terra Rosa, and Benjamin Moore chose Raspberry Blush 2008–30 if you were curious about their hue choices.

These pinks will be a source of light in any room, and depending on the darkness or paleness of your shade, you will be able to combine them perfectly with the other colors on this list if you choose to use them in your projects.

What’s more, this color works with any complexion out there, and it can also give a sophisticated and even elegant feel to anything it is used for, but especially for rooms.

No.2 Warm Neutrals

Whether you are into interior design or you just like to browse through stores, it is impossible to have missed the warm neutrals in 2022. And word on the street is that these warm neutrals will manage to push away the gray completely this year. The color trends are moving, and they are moving away from all white and gray accents. 2023 will be the year when designers are going to concentrate a lot on warm neutrals.

And paint manufacturers agree with this too! Behr’s announced that their color of the year is going to be Blank Canvas. This immediately indicated that the harsh grays and stark whites would be put on the back burner. It may not seem like it at first glance, but Blank Canvas is actually a muted white with a warm undertone, which makes it a perfect color to combine with richer ones. Not to mention that it will provide all creatives with a larger color palette to work with because it can be combined with anything from neutral to bright and bold!

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No.3 Pastels

Since people were predicting that Pantone’s color of the year would be digital lavender, a lot of people have turned their eyes back toward pastels. Despite this, Pantone did a 180 and went for a very bright color for 2023 (it’s called Viva Magenta), yet interior designers have not strayed away from the pastel trend. especially when it comes to home decor. They say that these shades are inviting and bring a rich feeling to a room, and their prediction is that pastels such as greens, soft blues, and clay-like colors will dominate home decor in 2023.

Even CEOs from big interior design companies agree, with many being extremely excited to see a return of the pastels when it comes to decor, and if we look at the market, they are already in trend. Pastels have already started to become sought-after and used, especially when you look at home decor magazines and even in the online space. Pastels are predicted to be huge in 2023, so if you are fond of mint greens, soft pinks, and all the other pastels, believe us when we say you will not go wrong with that wall color!

No matter what colors you choose to add to your interiors there is always room for more storage space!

No.4 Rich, Dark Colors

Each year, we see a color trend that ends up surprising us, no matter if we expected it or not. In 2022, it was the fact that both in the private sphere, with homeowners and people who love to DIY things around the house, but also with professional interior designers, everyone got very comfortable with experimenting with dark and bold colors. The surprise comes in the fact that even in 2023, this trend is expected to continue.

Not only will we be seeing the ones we have spoken about until now, but we can also expect to see rich browns, dark jades, and even brick reds. Some of these also fall into some of the categories we have explored before, like some of the darker tones of the neutrals or just deeper variations of earthy tones (more on those soon).

The reason that you will be seeing these is that every coin has two sides. If pastels are going to be popular, then these richer and darker shades will be popular as a reaction and in order for all designers to create eye-catching contrasts. As a result, there is no wrong or right way to approach them.

One thing is for sure: industry experts have said to expect shades like ochre, charcoal, and even peacock to all have their shining moments in 2023!

Image By Ekaterina Kotliarevskaia From Shutterstock

No.5 Earth Tones

You may have thought that the earthy tones were not going to be here this year, but they are here to stay! Sherwin Williams has announced their 2023 color lineup, and it made one thing very clear: Warm, earthy tones are not going anywhere! Continuing the trend of warm neutrals, all these shades are going to land on the warmer side compared to the cool grays we got used to seeing in the past few years and are definitely different from the earthy colors that characterized the 1990s.

These warm, earthy colors are seen as having more of a boho vibe (is this an indication that boho style will be making a comeback in the next few years?) and they are also thought of as being more modern. Popular color choices for walls and other home decor and furniture pieces include greens, yellows, terracotta, and even plums! They will work perfectly with wood colors and grains, and the natural-looking hues are going to give any lived-in interior an even more homey vibe!

And since we are talking about wall colors, make sure you steer away from these ones when you are painting a small room! You wouldn’t want it to appear even smaller than it is!

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