7 Amazing and Clever Ideas to Decorate Your Small Space


What is the best way to decorate your small living space? 

Some of us, including myself, weren’t that lucky to have a huge place to live in. And because of that, we did our best to try and tweak everything in order to expand the space as much as possible. But when it comes to decorating, this task almost feels impossible to accomplish without making the room look and feel cramped.

Because we love to help our readers with amazing tips and tricks, we won’t make an exception for this subject either! In today’s article, we will prove that it’s possible to decorate a small space like a pro! So, whether you’re trying to figure out how to add your own unique twist to your new tiny apartment or need some tips on how to maximize capacity in a not-so-large home, follow our guideline for decorating a tiny area and make your home pop.

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1. Choose folding furniture

One of the golden rules that you must follow when you want to decorate a small space is to measure it to see what furniture might fit. The furniture doesn’t need to be too big or too heavy because that will make the room look even more crowded. That’s why designers recommend looking for folding furniture.

This type of furniture, which can be a bed, a table, a desk, or even a couch, allows you to make the most of your space by folding when not in use. You will be amazed at how, in the blink of an eye, you will free up the space!

In my particular case, because I have a one-wall kitchen, I also removed the door because, when it was opened, it took up a lot of space. I replaced it with the folding doors, and I have to say that looks wonderful. Plus, it’s more practical this way!

2. Benefit from the natural light as much as possible

With the appropriate lighting, a tiny space might actually become visually larger. Therefore, taking full advantage of your windows is mandatory. Choose some light beige curtains that allow the light to come through and give an overall cozy and warm look to your space.

If your room needs more illumination because the windows are not that big, add floor lamps or ceiling chandeliers. Besides looking super fancy, this is a clever way to improve and decorate your space. If you don’t have enough space for a floor and table, choose lighting systems that don’t take up valuable space, such as string lights or pendant lighting.

3. Hide corners

Another hack that helps you decorate your small space is to hide the corners in order to make the room visually appear larger. What’s the magic behind this trick? Covering the edges shifts the focus to another focal point of the room, which can be in the center, where you can place a fancy table or a cozy couch, or to the wall, which you can cover with paintings or a bold colored wallpaper that pops the environment in a very pleasant way.

You can also take advantage of the situation and decorate your space by putting a tall plant in the corner to distract your guests from the area. Plus, plants are adorable, and every home needs some greenery in it!

4. Choose your storage space wisely

There is one thing I learned about small spaces: get creative, but also be wise with the storage space! Because it’s very important to have a storage space, no matter how minimalist you want to go, try to make the most out of your walls in a small room and avoid cluttering the floor space. Many designers said that a lot of people choose “ladder” shelving to both display and store things like books, photo albums, and even house plants.

Ottomans are another fantastic piece of storage furniture that can be used as a chair as well as a storage space. It depends on the size of it; most of them are big enough to help you store linens and other bed accessories that you usually store under the bed.

When you want to decorate or maximize a small space, remember this: instead of stuffing everything into a closet, look for alternative storage solutions.

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5. Keep the big furniture on the edges of your room

Most people, when they think about rearranging the look of their home, immediately think about getting rid of the furniture. Well, let me tell you a secret: There is no need to throw away the couch, the bookcase, or even the wardrobe you just bought last year!

Even if your space is limited, strategically placing them can improve the appearance of the room in the blink of an eye. Keep all of your larger furniture against the wall rather than placing it in the center of the floor to maintain the illusion of space in your room.

6. Create more space by just using mirrors

Even though this might sound like a trick our grandparents used back in the day because it’s so old, it still works very well. I personally love creating visual illusions and playing with the look of my home, which is why I tried myself this hack that helped me decorate and improve the look of my living room pretty quickly and with a small budget. I added an oversized mirror that covers the entire wall, and can you guess what the effect is? Besides being jaw-dropping and making all my friends envy me for having such a nice space, it also gave the impression that I hired a designer to do the job for me. You have to try this hack yourself, too!

By reflecting light and, of course, the interior design, the mirror will create the appearance of more space, doubling the effectiveness of your tiny living room.

7. Use vivid colors to trick the eye of the beholder

I love splashes of color that give a fresh look to the environment! They also add an artistic touch to my home. That’s why I tried this painting hack in order to make my room look just a tad taller. I picked the color yellow (bright yellow in my case because the furniture is dark blue) to have a good-looking contrast.

I covered the bottom half of my wall to draw attention when you first came into the room. The other half of the wall should remain a neutral color like the rest of the walls (white or beige, depending on which one you like the most). In between the two, add some nice shelving that can hold either books or small pieces of decoration. For a more impressive effect, add small paintings or a large shaped mirror to the look of the neutral-colored wall above the shelf.

Enjoy renovation!

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  1. I loved my guest bathroom when I finished with it. Guests seemed to, too! For the countertop, I found one inch glass tiles in multi finishes of turquoise color. That became the base for my color scheme. Because we were planning to host a variety of strangers, I went online for a “decorative paper towel holder,” and found a perfect one: it looks like a rectangular box shelf. Adding a copper “planter” on top filled with artificial daisies was exactly what was needed, although I learned that we needed a label affixed to it so our guests could recognize it as a towel dispenser instead of just a decoration. Then I painted a few of the tiles on the tub surround turquoise. A wreath of teal and yellow flowers, plus towels of turquoise and yellow, completed my “sunshine and seascape” color scheme which relaxed and uplifted at the same time.

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