9 Things That Will Attract Luxury Home Buyers to YOUR Place


A luxurious home is more than just a well-appointed home. It’s more of a house whose amenities make the owner feel indulged or spoiled. Think opulence, royalty, or extreme extravagance.

The word “luxury” makes you think about plenty of conveniences such as in-home gyms, pools, saunas, fully-stocked kitchens, game rooms, and backyard tennis courts, but what are the things that luxury home buyers want the most? What is a luxury home shopper looking for when searching for a new abode?

Here are 9 features that we think may attract even the wealthiest of home buyers. Fact: If you’re not among the jet-set, you can still take a look at these lavish home ideas so you can replicate them on a less affluent budget and at a much lower scale.

Let’s get started!

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1. Technology

Technological innovations are a part of the world we’re living in, so we can’t really shy away from the ever-increasing number of new devices and gadgets. As a result, today’s homeowners want it all when it comes to high-tech, and the builders that adapt to this trend are the ones who really succeed in the real estate market.

You can now control your home’s climate, lights, and alarm system, as well as lock your doors, from the other side of the country, with the simple touch of a button on your smartphone!

These are currently the built-in features that luxury home buyers are looking for when shopping for a new house.

2. Sustainable Features

Luxury homes are obviously known for their high-tech features, but there has been a rise in the number of buyers looking for sustainable materials and features too. Homeowners are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, so they are looking for houses that have integrated green technology such as geothermal heat and solar panels. It’s not uncommon to also find an electric vehicle charging station in the garage.

As a result, innovative builders and architects have adopted modern, environment-friendly technologies to create houses that embrace green architecture and design. Today, both home buyers and developers agree that eco-friendly and sustainable homes are essential elements for new-age construction.

3. Home Theaters and Entertainment Centers

Forget about the traditional media room, as today’s luxury home buyers are crazy about having their own private theaters in their houses. They want a space to lounge with friends and family and enjoy the latest blockbuster without giving up the experience and excitement of the big screen.

The most stunning home theaters offer mood lighting, custom couches, recliners, stadium seating, and the latest and greatest sound and picture technology. And the fun doesn’t have to stop once the movie ends. Many luxury houses have their own entertainment centers with billiard rooms, bar areas, game rooms, and more. Great home theaters and entertainment areas completely revolutionize the concept of “movie night in”, and that’s one thing luxury home buyers are looking for!

Does your house have a basement? Consider making your own home theater there!

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4. Private Gyms and Spas

Fully equipped gyms, spa rooms, and dedicated yoga rooms are cropping up in today’s luxury homes all over. Like all home buyers, luxury shoppers are looking for houses with features and amenities that suit their lifestyles and meet their needs.

After the pandemic, many jaw-dropping homes have started to place a strong emphasis on health, fitness, and wellness. According to experts, many luxurious properties have shifted their focus to create outdoor gardens, massage rooms, and spaces where dwellers can find a sense of calm.

Why go out for an acupuncture treatment or massage when you can have someone come to you at your in-house spa? Rather than going to the gym at rush hour, your personal trainer can come to you. And after a long workout, you only have to walk a few steps to find your in-home sauna for a soothing steam session.

5. Outdoor Kitchens and Pools

A fully-stocked indoor kitchen may sound like every home buyer’s dream. But those who seek luxury are willing to pay extra money for a usable outdoor area. In most cases, they crave the comfort of a cozy outdoor kitchen.

The top amenities of the perfect outdoor kitchen would include a sink, a built-in gas grill, a fridge for food and drink storage, a stainless food prep area, and plenty of lavish seating areas for entertaining.

Hot tubs, large pools, and changing cabanas are also on every luxury home buyer’s top list. Expansive pools with features like waterfalls and lots of privacy are a must. The leisure activities are moving outdoors, and those houses that have a usable patio rank highly in the upper-class lifestyle.

6. Dressing Room

Gone are the days when wealthy people stored their clothes in a closet. While dressing rooms can also be found in average houses, luxury home buyers won’t choose a house that doesn’t have a special room for storing clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

A top priority for wealthy women is a place to display and store their lavish purchases, such as purses and shoes. But don’t think that this only applies to women; men also seem to have an increasing desire for a spacious separate room for dressing and displaying their extravagant garments.

This place would require walls lined with large cedar shelves, racks to display shoes, neckties, and purses, and of course a mirror and plenty of lighting to apply makeup or model your chosen outfit.

7. Wine and Tasting Rooms

Wine rooms are rising again in popularity, and many luxury home buyers want to have one. As one of the most sought-after luxury amenities, wine rooms are no longer hidden away in a forgotten closet or tucked away in the basement.

They have made a major resurgence to become a top focal point and showpiece for innovative and entertaining design. Home buyers are looking for glass displays, beautifully displayed bottles, motorized racks, custom lighting, and entire rooms solely for the purpose of enjoying, tasting, and displaying vintage gems.

If you’re a wine lover, renovating a small, unused room into an elegant, timeless wine room may be a great option for you.

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8. Location, Location, Location

That’s a feature you can’t add to your property. You either have a nice view from your house and make the most of it, or you don’t, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

If your house is located in a nice area, then the location is definitely the crown jewel of your property. Wealthy or not, everyone dreams of their own little piece of paradise. A large, private, tree-lined outdoor space that keeps prying eyes out is a must when it comes to lavish living. Luxury home buyers want exclusivity on their property—a hidden oasis to unwind and relax in complete privacy.

Whether it’s an expansive ranch or a beachfront house, views are in high demand. According to one study, most people dream of waking up to views of pretty parks, mountains, or glistening beaches.

9. A King and Queen-Sized Bedroom

A lavish lifestyle also means having a sumptuous private sanctuary. Luxury shouldn’t stop when one crosses the threshold of their bedroom. In fact, we spend a significant part of our lives in the bedroom. It’s imperative for luxury home buyers that this special place be a large, open space with enough room for a king-sized bed and plenty of seating areas.

High-tech is also a must in this private abode. Among the top features a bedroom should have are climate control, remote control window shades, and built-in automation systems for lighting and security.

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