11 Burned Bathroom Trends Designers Are Tired Of


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Toilet seat covers

And not just that, but also the bathroom rugs that are specially made to fit around the toilet. They are too accessible, as you can easily find them in every $1 store. Besides that, they make the entire bathroom look dated. However, if you really want to have a rug in your bathroom, it should have the same style as any other rug you have in your home.

Floating sinks

This particular trend trades for modern design. Even so, you lose all the cabinet space you might have wished for, and you might end up with a particular commercial look that won’t fit in a cozy, calm atmosphere.

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4 Responses

  1. Well this is great, who has the money to remodel their bathrooms every 5-10 years at $10k each, so not practical

  2. Guess what the new trend is everybody? It’s called do it your way!!! Don’t listen to all the trends that make you feel like your bathroom is less than. I love doing things my way! That’s what makes me feel the best. You certainly do not have to go out and spend a bunch of money just to have a bathroom that is up to date, according to something you see online or read in a magazine.

  3. Some of the things are definitely relevant and out dated. However, I definitely disagree with a few things and just take them as someone else’s opinion:
    JET TUBS – I replaced a regular tub with a jet tub. It fit in the same space and the maintenance is no more trouble than that on the old tub. Plus, I enjoy it from the few times that I use it.
    FRAMELESS MIRRORS – The usefulness of the large frameless mirror out does any current fashion trend. They’re great.
    DOUBLE SINKS – not sure what you’re talking about here. The additional counter space that comes with a double sink is a very welcomed advantage.

  4. Spend a ton of money upgrading your bathroom that was upgraded five years ago then find out that, in one year, it is too dated and must be upgraded again. Cars don’t depreciate that fast.

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