9 Creative Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Outdoors


If you’re wondering how to decorate your outdoors for Christmas, don’t fret! As we all know, this time of the year is about going overboard on the decor, with nice and festive decorations that spill out the door and all the way into our front gardens.

It’s that time of the year to bedeck your front door with magical wreaths, get crafty with Christmas creating, but also string pretty fairy lights through your garden planters, and place tiny Christmas trees along the driveway, while enjoying to the fullest all the maximalism this season has to offer.

As the days are shorter and the weather is uglier, nothing scares the winter away faster than a bunch of holiday lights at Christmas time. If you want to get faster into that festive spirit, we have gathered our favorite festive Christmas decorating ideas for you to try:

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Decorate the door with a beautiful wreath

The front porch is the first element you need to think about when it comes to Christmas decor. It’s the first thing that your guests get in contact with, so you want to make sure your front door looks just as magical as the decorations that are behind it.

Christmas wreaths are probably the best choice when it comes to Christmas decor because they’re such a fast and easy way to add a glimpse of color and cheer to your outdoors.

You can buy a beautiful wreath and hang it on your front door. They come in many styles and sizes, including lush bundles with fragrant evergreens, pinecones, and even berries, but also a minimalist boxwood approach.

Go for the classic look with a simple garland

Draping a garland for your outdoors is a great choice, but also the proper way to bring a little bit of festive greenery in a subtle and refined way. The evergreen garland is a wonderful way to add some holiday spirit to your exterior.

You can opt for a mix of pine, fir, cedar, and magnolia to frame your doorways, but also wrap them around your handrails and entry gates.

It also goes very well wrapped around a lamp post, and even around columns, if your house has them. The velvety red ribbons will give an amazing pop of color, as long as they are incorporated into the wrapping.

Take the Christmas entertaining outside 

While this might seem a bit unreasonable, if you have the right setting in your garden, and you constantly invite your guests to fancy dinners there, why not decorate it accordingly?

Set up a festive spruce with some throws and cushions, and don’t forget about the candles! As long as you can host a warm, pleasant dinner in your garden, you shouldn’t ignore your outdoor space during Christmas time!

Whether we’re talking about a view from your dining room or even an outdoor (warm) experience you might want to create, make sure you decorate it.

Focus on layer prints, and patterns, but also on beautiful and festive colors, in order to create a nice tablescape that’s pleasant but also functional.

Fill your trees with fairy lights

Another box to check for your Christmas checklist is to fill the hedges and trees with pretty fairy lights. Colorful lights will bring a playful look to your garden, and let’s be honest, there’s NOTHING more festive than a cool white or soft golden glow.

These festoon lights will add a twinkling magical atmosphere and nothing can compare to it. They will immediately transform your garden, creating a tremendous glow.

The only advice you should keep in mind is that when it comes to fairy lights, you have to make sure they’re all the same hue. Trust me, you’ll immediately notice if the lights have different colors, and it might throw off the whole cohesive look.

Also, when you buy the lights for your outdoors, make sure they’re entirely waterproof and rated IP44 or more because a robust “add-on” system that allows more lights to connect at the same time is ideal.

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Add a little bit of yuletide magic to your porch seat

If your house has a small porch, why not give it the right set-up and arrange it with some festive and soft furnishings? It will become a beautiful spot for visitors who want to take a seat, while drinking a glass of mulled wine in the garden, and it’s a very easy outdoor Christmas idea that can be easily executed with a garland and some cushions.

String the chosen garland through the back frame of cozy seating, and welcome your guests on Christmas Eve.

Light up the entrance with many lanterns

If you want to try a more minimal approach to your doorstep decor, all you have to do is to line your steps or porch with a couple of lanterns. Mix the chosen sizes and styles, and add one or two mini trees if you really want to make the entire scenery REALLY festive.

Candlelight is a great choice when it comes to modern garden lighting ideas, but if you don’t feel safe buying real candles, you can switch them for outdoor LED lighting that will still give the same lovely glow but won’t represent the same threat.

As an alternative, you could try using the lanterns as festive containers! I know this might seem a bit too much, but just imagine: jazzing up a container with a simple but tasty mix of evergreens will really show the effort.

Want to be minimal but still festive? Try these wintery branches

Sometimes, less is more (although we prefer more when it comes to Christmas). Even so, if you’re looking for a “less-is-more” approach for your festive flourishes, there’s something that can be done in a very chic but minimalist way.

Sometimes all it takes is a beautifully colored door, a simple and tasteful white wreath, and a couple of snow-encrusted twigs with dried cotton stems.

Plus, it’s incredibly easy to set up these decorations: all you have to do is to look in your garden for some branches and twigs, and leave them bare, or spray them with white glitter.

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Bring Christmas trees outdoors

As Christmas trees aren’t only for living rooms, they can look just as lovely propped out on a porch, but also frame an entryway. Needless to mention the whole magical touch these trees might add to your backyard, too, just imagine your outdoor dining table with a couple of spruce trees, and you’ll definitely fall in love!

We simply adored the idea of buying a collection of potted spruce or trees that would be used as Christmas decorations. Just remember to be careful when you choose the lights that will go on your outside Christmas tree, and make sure they’re safe to use outdoors, too.

Light your windows from inside your house

There’s something incredibly cozy about a glowing window during Christmas time, especially one that lures you with its warm and fuzzy light.

Even if the door is the focus when it comes to proper Christmas decor, make sure you adorn your windows as well. Stringing up the lights on your windows is a must, as it will immediately make your home look more festive.

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