8 Home Items You Should Throw Away After 50


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8. Old phones

No one wants to get rid of their old phone since they are worried about identity theft and aren’t sure of where it might be legally disposed of. As a result, they take up room in storage areas, along with many other out-of-date electronics, such as old TV remote controls, for which no use can be found.

1st things 1st, a phone’s “factory reset” function makes it simple to get rid of all user data. Then, before giving it up for good to a special store, check to see that the SD and SIM cards have been removed.

You can give your used and old phone away, or donate it to someone who needs one but doesn’t have the budget to invest in a gadget. See? There are always ways to help people in need as well as yourself at the same time.

…Do you have any other items you can’t seem to let go of? Would you consider donating them? Share your thoughts with us, and let’s get to know each other a little better!

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22 Responses

  1. When I lost 70# my closet had so many nice things I didn’t need, so I donated them.
    The next step was the lovely clothes thin friends gifted me…an abundance of clothes!
    So I have donated some of those and it made sense to downsize once more.
    Also cool whip bowls, they have to go! If anyone comes over and takes home some of
    the food I have loads of Rubbermade and Tupperware.
    I am a paper hoarder, that’s my next project…difficult as it will be!

    1. Yes, those plastic containers sliced ham comes in are also excessive. You can save items in them, but they accumulate quickly. Discharge!

  2. Old pots and pans that have no tops to them. They have to go. Plates and cups that are not sets, they have to go.

  3. I still struggle with being a collector. I have been giving away jackets and sports coats I will never wear again. If only I can stay away from home depot.

  4. I have managed to get rid of most of my clutter. Thing is, I have an excessive porcelain doll and collector plate collections that no one seems to have an interest in. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If I could unload these I would feel satisfied with my downsizing, and my husband would be happy too.

    1. You can go online to sell them, there is a market for them but if you are expecting to make a killing on them you may be disappointed. if you really want to get rid of them try checking online to see what they are worth and then offer them at a discount whatever you feel you can accept.

    2. What sort of dolls do you have? I collect the [old] Cabbage Patch/Little People dolls and would be interested if you happen to have some of these in good condition.

    3. I gave all my Asian dolls to my grandchildren (who are Amerasian and wanted them) and around Christmas people will buy them as gifts…

    4. It’s hard to move things out we’ve enjoyed. My only suggestion is to pick a space in your home (maybe a cabinet or shelf area) where you could create a vignette or focal point. Then pick your 3 favorites of both collections and cluster them together with books or other objects that make an an attractive arrangement. Viewing a large collection is somewhat overwhelming to the eye anyway, though you had fun creating it. Take your time, you should be able to pick out the top faves, donate all the rest and enjoy the extra space you’ve created.

    5. LOL GIVE them to Good Will or a church thrift shop and help someone who doesn’t have the luxury of excess trinkets cluttering up their homeless space under the bridge.

  5. Thank you for the fabulous tips!
    One exception I have to cards and letters is keeping a few that have handwritten notes especially from passed loved ones.
    There’s something about holding a paper with the penned sentiment from my Mother that fills me with love everytime 🙂

  6. Im a clothes hoarder. Just went thur them once…2 large garbage bags full and im sure i have too many still so now that they are on hangers will match sets and get rid of most single items

  7. I’m not the person who clutters my partner is , pots and pans good or bad stored , things that remind him of his mother stored , Knick knacks that he grew up with stored ,crystal vases, candy Jars ,silver ware stored clothing that don’t fit any more closets full , all stored what do I do? The house could only hide so much that I call street junk makes it’s way home🥴🥴

  8. I got rid of the 2nd vehicle; a Corvette that was only driven once a week to keep the battery up and not get flat spots on the tires. Now all the new extra room out there is full of STUFF.

  9. Im still giving away things or donate ing items.when I look around I say Don’t need this out it goes.abd lately I don’t shop for things I don’t need .clutter is my worst enemy.too bad my hoarder of a roommate don’t see it.

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