9 Things You Can Turn Your Basement Into


Are you looking to diversify your basement ideas and use the space you’ve got under your home for something incredible? Maybe you’ve always dreamt of an extra bedroom for your guests, or simply a cozy entertainment place.

Whatever it might be, when it comes to your basement, you shouldn’t let it stay just as a dingy dungeon or even dumping ground for your old holiday decor. After all, you are wasting valuable square footage! Why not do something with that extra living space for your own pleasure?

Besides, on a more practical note, a basement conversion could easily boost the size of the home (in case you might want to sell it at some point), as there will be extra usable space.

A basement could double the space in your house, as long as you convert the entire space under the footprint of the ground floor. This is particularly great for buildings that have a terrace, leaving you with little to no chance for a ground-floor extension, or for those families that might need a nanny or a grandparent annex.

Even more, if you’ve always dreamt of investing in luxuries, like a wine cellar, gym, cinema room, or spa, a basement is ideal. Do you think that a basement renovation might be needed?

Because we’ve gathered a very comprehensive list of things and ideas that might inspire you to use this valuable space. Plus, you’ll also get a ton of practical advice, such as basement remodeling costs, which you should definitely consider throughout the entire design process.

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A cozy reading nook

What if you’d build your own reading nook? If you’re a book lover, then you must have dreamt about a curl-up, switch-off space with lots of plump, soft, and squishy scatter pillows. Don’t forget about the ambient reading light, the open shelves, and a library filled with literary lovelies! I really loved the idea of an inviting built-in reading nook cocoon, as it has a dive-in appeal and comes with plenty and wonderful additions (it’s almost like a room within a room) to the overall basement design.

You could also look for smart workarounds of various mechanical systems and ductwork in finished basement spaces. This particularly cozy niche for reading was made around some pre-existing mechanical elements.

A comfortable space with some furniture and layers

You could easily layer your room with a couple of comfy pillows, blankets, and even a rug to keep everything together. Even if sometimes we shop without thinking too much about what we’re going to do with that particular object, we should embrace the challenge of thinking about textures and colors behind everything.

This way, you create a comfortable atmosphere. After all, we’re all dreaming about that “I could relax and stay here all day” vibe! First, we need a deep-seated sofa, as it would offer more room to sit back, lay down, and even curl up, which is cozier and more comfortable. Then, get your favorite pillow patterns, blankets, and rugs. The best thing about these items is that they are interchangeable, so you can replace them anytime you want!

A secret rock star hangout

If you know how to play the guitar, the piano, or the banjo, or you simply LOVE music and you want to find a way to display your vinyl collection, why not use the basement? You can soundproof it, and transform it into your own rehearsing zone with your band or your group of friends.

Or, if the disco spirit never left your body, you could transform the space into a cool after-party chillout zone, where all the cool people hang out.

Do you have a comprehensive collection of some of the best vinyl discs ever? Well, nothing compares to a basement where you can chill after a difficult day, and listen to some of your favorite disks while you open a bottle of french wine. I know, the scenario seems exquisite.

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Try an industrial farmhouse design

You probably dreamt about finishing that basement for some time now. Well, when it all comes down to moving out or deciding to use the downstairs space, I think we can all assume what’s gonna be.

You CAN transform the space you didn’t use for so long into many things, including an industrial farmhouse area, with a home bar filled with your favorite drinks, a practical basement storage, perhaps even a lounge area, and a guest bedroom. Well, what do you think? You’ll certainly see your house in a different light with all that extra space you can use!

An industrial statement with a DIY concrete ceiling

Have you ever considered embracing a more contemporary approach? If you didn’t know, nowadays, raw textures and a certain industrial edginess have become increasingly popular. You could use micro cement (which is a cement-based render) if you want to get a similar effect. It can also be applied to a wider range of surfaces for a sturdy, durable finish that resembles the look of polished concrete.

It’s applied in only four thin coats, and you will get a finishing depth of only 3-4 mm. It’s not something tremendously complicated, so you could easily do it with a DIY kit and a little bit of basic guidance.

Care out a kid’s bedroom

If you make a kids’ room downstairs, they will finally be able to make all the noise in the world, without interrupting your yoga sessions. First, it will enhance their own sense of independence, but it will also offer the desired quietness to parents!

This way, everybody wins, and they can easily spread out their toys, and even practice the drums! If you’ve decided to try this basement bedroom idea, just make sure you have plenty of ventilation to enhance a proper, healthy sleep environment, and that the lighting scheme is enough for a windowless space. You don’t want a dungeon atmosphere, right?

In fact, the right amount of lighting is incredibly important in any given basement space, especially if we’re talking about fewer windows and natural lighting. Adding a bit more light will help you create that warm, cozy, and inviting space you’re dreaming of.

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Use the basement as a multifunctional family workspace

Are you feeling productive 99% of the time? If so, we’re amazed by your magical strength, and we definitely agree that you need a space to increase your productivity! It can be many things, either a home office, a study room, or anything else you might need to protect that creative flow!

Add statement stairs

You have to take care of the basement entryway, too. After all, first impressions do matter sometimes. Even if it’s oftentimes overlooked, the staircase is usually the first thing you notice when you walk into a home.

It’s a highly important piece and it contributes to that ideal first impression your visitors might get. If you want to try a personality-packed staircase idea, we’d recommend you try a DIY ombre effect: you will need to roughly decide where you want to divide the colors, then paint the top portion of the wall down beyond the color divide point. Plus, you have to start at the top first, because you will avoid dripping onto the finished lower portion.

Choose a happy color

If you want to try something cheerful, that will power up your space, we recommend you try color-blocking wall ideas. Let’s look at basements as some hidden gems of any modern home. They offer the perfect opportunity to try new and bolder decorating tips you wouldn’t even consider trying in other circumstances!

If you want to try something fun, you could paint the ceiling in the opposite color. This way, you’ll expand the room. You could also paint a certain section of the wall in different squares and rectangles, in order to create interest. You could try matching the furniture with the color of your wall. There are so many things you can do to make the basement your new happy place.

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