These 6 Staircase Upgrades Might Boost Your Home’s Value


Are you a bit bored with the way your staircase is currently looking?

The case might be that you are not bothered with the look of your staircase, but you may want to give it a new look and add more of your personality to it. Or you may be remodeling your own home, in the remodeling business, or just curious about what you could do or add to your stairs in order to bring more value to your home.

The truth is that the way your staircase looks and what it includes can either add a lot of value to your home or even drop its value if they are deemed unsafe. You may just want to change the interior of your home without spending a lot on new furniture or decorative pieces. The best way to achieve a whole new look and add value to your home is to redo your staircase. Some of the things you can do are not going to break the bank, and you can easily change up and upgrade your stairs without much hassle.

Whether you change the colors around the stairs or add some items that show off your personality more, we are confident that these easy DIY suggestions will be a game changer!

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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No.1: Underside colors are a fan favorite!

This is a choice that makes a lot of people excited to go up and down the stairs. You can choose a color (or even more of them) that goes well with the wood color of your staircase and paint the risers of your stairs. When you go down the stairs, you can look down at the natural wood color, and when you go up the stairs, you can be greeted by the fun colors that you chose for your staircase’s undersides.

What’s more, you do not have to settle on having a bright or neutral color. You can even go for a rainbow combination if you are feeling daring, or you can even take the time to paint them with characters, drawings, designs, or any pattern that you love! It’s a great way to let your imagination run wild and an amazing DIY project to fill up your time in a creative and useful way!

No.2: Or just the steps themselves!

You do not have to limit yourself to just the risers of your staircase when it comes to using paint on the steps. If you are daring enough and you have a vision in your mind, you can easily paint the whole staircase. It is a great way to cover up some steps that are not looking their best, that have lost their shine, or that have just deteriorated over time.

Painting them over can give them a new, fresh look, renew the uniform look of your staircase, or even just upgrade the style of your home. Even if you do not do anything out there or are super adventurous, a fresh coat of white paint will open up the space and give the staircase the upgrades you have been looking for!

You can also be daring and go with a pop of color to achieve the color play you got by painting the risers reversed!

No.3: Remodelling? Add some storage!

If you are already remodeling and you are not sure what to do about the aesthetic of your staircase, you have to make sure that you are not losing sight of one thing! You can always redo the stairs and make sure that you add some storage space under the steps.

Not only will this help you with the issue of not having enough storage around the house, but you can always make the most of all the space around your home, especially if your house is on the smaller side. All you will need to do is either cut a space between the studs on the side of the suitcase or make most of the space exposed there with shelving.

Alternatively, you can replace any fixed stair board with a mobile one by installing a hinge and thus gaining some hidden storage space in your actual stairs! If you’re concerned about such things, this is a great way to conceal your valuables!

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No.4: Consider using fabrics!

There is nothing wrong with going the traditional route! Stair runners or just plain all-step rugs are going to upgrade the look of your staircase in no time. And they also come with the added benefit that they are comfortable to walk on, so you can skip the cold feet problem when you go downstairs in the middle of the night for a glass of water. Carpets or fabrics are always better than cold steps!

The tricky part here is to make sure that they are going to be safe enough to be walked on so that no one will slip and accidentally injure themselves. There are a lot of sticky-backed rugs or products that you can add to these rugs or carpets that are specially designed for staircases. Not only will it prevent any accidents, but it will also protect your stairs from usage (since the carpet will be the one getting all the usage tears) and keep the fabrics secure!

People who are into home remodeling swear by fabric additions since it’s a great way to be playful but also unique with your design choices! Not to mention, it is one of the least expensive staircases upgrades out there!

No.5: Sometimes it’s not about the steps. It’s about the walls!

We kept on talking about steps and staircase upgrades, but what if there is nothing wrong with your steps? The next thing you need to focus on is the wall! A lot of us tend to ignore the wall behind the staircase, but it could be the key to taking your staircase from being boring to being exciting and creating a unique transition that will give you the design upgrade your heart desires.

You can be bold and choose a nonneutral color—a pop of color that will make your staircase the center of attention. If you are super outgoing, you can even take the paint down the stairs and have a monochrome look that will definitely add drama and make the stairs the focal point of your home.

You could also go with neutral but inspiring. Do not keep the white wall; go for a neutral color that goes well with the wood shade of your stairs or your other decorations. You can always add some drawings or stencils on top of the fresh coat of pink for a more creative yet still tame design.

And when everything else fails, a gallery wall will bring the personality you need to your wall and staircase. What better spot to showcase your important moments together with your loved ones than the wall next to your stairs?

No.6: Wide staircase? Use some baskets!

Sometimes it is not all about bold changes, but rather decorative ones that bring you the change you desire. If you have a wider staircase, you can always look towards decorating it as opposed to changing the design of the steps or of the wall. Adding some small baskets on a few of the steps is going to create a pleasing view and also give you more storage space.

It is a great way to also remind people in the house to take their belongings back to their own spaces. If you have kids or grandkids coming around, this will be a great spot for any toys or creative activities you may want to do with them.

Just make sure your staircase can accommodate these types of baskets and that you place them close to the wall so that people can safely use the banister when going up and down the stairs! This will also minimize the possibility of tripping on them by accident!

And if you are wondering how you can spruce up your floors, make sure you check out our easy ways to upgrade them without needing to replace the current flooring you have now!

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