5 Genius Plant Decorating Hacks to Turn Your Home Into Paradise


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Do not ignore your bathroom!

Likewise, with the low-light rooms, you should not stop at just decorating your rooms and forget about the bathrooms. It may seem unintuitive to place plants in your bathroom but think about it in other terms. There are plants that absolutely thrive in humidity, and you should not give up on adding some to your bathroom if that is what your interior decorator instinct is telling you.

It is actually a great hack that can also help you bring more life and even warmth to the bathroom, which many only views as a utilitarian space due to its actual purpose. If you want to add plants to your bathrooms, you need to keep in mind that they will need some natural light, so it is advisable to only add them in bathrooms that have at least a little window so your plants do not find an early demise.

Some of the plants you can look into adding to your bathroom include orchids, ferns, and even peace lilies. And you do not have to add a ton! Even one or two plants will make a difference!

If we are looking at your yard especially, then know there are simple ways in which you can make it look brand new! If you want to bring life back into your yard, make sure you check out these easy DIY projects!

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