These 10 Garage Updates Will Boost Your Home’s Value


garage updates
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A lot of people use their garages only to store stuff they don’t use anymore. Others see it only as a place to store their cars, while a small group of people see it as a space for work or as a separate room for relaxation and hobbies. To which category do you belong? Even if the garage remains a neglected space, a bit of renovation will definitely help improve its look and also the value of your home.

Whether you want to relocate or simply change the look of your garage, these tips will come in handy right away!

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  1. I’m not trying to make any body green with envy. I want to fit my car into the garage and right now if I was able to drive my car into the garage, I would not be able to get out of the car. There is maybe one hundred inches to park the car in the garage and my car would require at least 90 inches. I would need another 40 to 50 inches to open the driver’s side door and get out of the car, walk to the back of the car, open the trunk or maybe the side passenger door and get the groceries bags out or whatever I came home with.

    1. I am about to move into a home with a super small garage so , like my daughter did we are going up in the garage, I am excited to get the lift for items and the shelving put in with a complete floor above the cars this will help at least for Christmas things and such, we are older so we don’t have kids living at home but we seem to have things we need to be able to get to.

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