How to Maximize Your Dressing Room on a Budget: A Guide


Whether you’re a fancy person or not, getting dressed shouldn’t just be a habit but also a ritual. And because a ritual can’t be done anywhere, it’s important to have a nice dressing space where you can feel comfortable.

Don’t worry, because we’re not going to tell you that you need to spend a fortune on new cabinetry when you can simply modify your existing ones! If you want to bring the Met Gala’s red carpet right into your home, you may be interested in our budget hacks that can help you turn the dressing room into a dreamy place.

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Start by looking at everything you own

Look around your dressing room and see everything in the bigger picture. If you are a person who has a lot of clothes and shoes, you might need better storage space for them. Sometimes just a proper fold or hang can help you store your belongings in a clever way.

Style your shelving space

If having wall-to-wall cabinets worries you, open shelving and doorless dressers are excellent choices. This will make the space feel lighter and more refreshing, which is especially helpful in smaller, more constrained areas.

Most interior designers recommend this because it can provide character and softness to what may be a vast mass of cabinetry, lining wardrobes and, in particular, the woodwork in open dressing rooms with fabric.

Take the storage space to the top of the walls

Whenever we start thinking about redecorating or installing new furniture in our house, we fear we won’t have enough space for everything we want to incorporate.

However, regardless of the size of your room, proper planning can ensure that you maximize every square inch of what you have. If you need more shelf space, look in places that are often overlooked, such as the area above the doorframe.

Be reasonable in your expectations for the height of your wardrobes. Build additional shelves above for seasonal garments or other items that you don’t need regular access to. Choose a spot where you can easily reach the hangers and your longer pieces won’t fall to the floor.

If you have a space in the hallway, dare to use it!

If you want to take advantage of your space accordingly, you must let yourself think outside the box! In this case, if you have even a little space in your hallway, you can use it as storage space for your clothes. Choose floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. Since this is a temporary space, decorative accents may not be as important as they are in other parts of the house.

However, a lovely splash of color and thoughtful hardware may transform plain closets into somewhere you might find yourself spending time.

And don’t be afraid to go full-on red, green, or whatever bold color crosses your mind. From a visual point of view, a strong color can also boost one’s mood!

Get the right lighting

Having the appropriate illumination is essential for your dressing. Because downlights, according to the majority of experts, can be harsh, you may want to switch to incorporating LED strips into joinery. They are incredibly simple to install in cabinets, beneath eaves, or behind downstands above doors.

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Get a big mirror or a couple of small ones

A good-quality mirror can elongate the body and make you look amazing. That’s why it’s very important to buy one for your dressing room. It will shape the space differently, creating the illusion of a less cluttered space in addition to giving it a fancier appearance. If the dressing room allows you to install a vanity table, you can incorporate lighting above the mirror too!

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Get creative with the color of your walls

Creativity is probably the best thing in our lives. And where can you get the most of it if not in your own house? Dressing rooms (or spaces) don’t need to be monotonous or plain. The ideal setting for trying out new looks is in a dressing room.

Using a lovely wallpaper to cover a wall of closet doors in a dressing room is a creative way to soften the space. You can opt for a vintage look or a modern one, depending on your personal taste. Don’t go overboard with spending a ton of money on this because Amazon has a lot of bargains you can choose from.

Decorative hooks

The design of a dressing room can be greatly improved by decorative hooks, despite their tiny size and low cost. They’re great for adding a little character to a bland wall or dull area, in addition to serving a practical purpose by giving you somewhere to put clothes, hats, and jewelry.

Make the most of every storage option available to you

Due to their multipurpose nature, storage benches and ottomans are probably two of the most excellent additions to the dressing room area because they give you a place to sit as well as a place to keep clutter at bay.

I personally adore using storage trunks as side tables in dressing rooms because they provide a place to keep out-of-season clothing, shoes, and accessories, and they add a pop of color or pattern to the room. You can also invest in a low-cost set of ladder shelves that are versatile and easy to move around the dressing room whenever you want to. Plus, it looks pretty neat as well!

Incorporate the dressing room into your closet

Space is our biggest enemy when it comes to storage because nowadays a lot of houses and apartments have limited space. Some people barely have a so-called pantry, so they obviously can’t think about having a proper dressing room. If you are one of them, consider a “sleek tucked” dressing instead.

A welcome spot to sit and indulge in elegance when getting ready to leave the house is provided by this small bedroom design that is tucked away among the closet doors but offers easy access to your clothes. A compact bench can be conveniently tucked underneath the table thanks to the smart inclusion of folding doors, which preserve space in the room even when opened.

Small tip: If you want to give the visual impression that you are opening up the doors to a new place, consider painting the interior of a dressing table nook like this in a vibrant pop of color or covering it with gorgeous wallpaper.

Who said you couldn’t teleport yourself to Narnia? With this amazing and affordable hack, you will definitely enter other realms while preparing yourself for a fancy event or just a regular day at the office.


Even if we can’t fulfill the Hollywood dream of having a jaw-dropping dressing room like those seen in movies, that doesn’t mean we can’t create our own paradise while still on a bugdet! Dare to change the look of your home space in 2023 in style. And don’t forget to tell us how it goes because we love hearing from you!

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