6 Easy and Profitable Crafts to Make and Sell in 2023


Have you ever thought about materializing your crafts? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us anyone can produce amazing things with their hands; that’s why DIY content bloomed on Tik Tok and other sites. Craft tutorials covering everything from woodworking to embroidery were easily found on YouTube, and it was more like a competition to see who could do it even better.

We all gravitated toward crafts during this time of isolation, which is not surprising because studies have shown that having a hobby has several advantages for your mental health. That’s great!

Particularly for those who work a 9-to-5 job on computers, crafting might help them diversify brain activity, which also promotes creativity. Stress and anxiety can be reduced by the sense of success that comes from building something from scratch. And because this seemed like a field from which you could actually earn a considerable amount of money, a lot of people started their businesses.

If you are a crafty person and you want to extend your passion to the next level, then this article is for you! Let’s learn together how to create things out of your passion and how you can actually sell them online, at craft shows, and anywhere else.

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1. Woven and knotted home décor

Along with midcentury house trends, braided and knotted textile art is making a strong comeback. There are multiple possibilities for every skill level in these home décor crafts. Belts, textile art, and hanging plants can all be created with macramé, a knotted technique that first gained popularity in the Victorian era and was brought back in the 1970s. And, to be honest, whether you liked vintage or not, they looked great!

In 2020, “hanging planter” searches peaked, but interest has remained high ever since. This is one of the DIY crafts that can be learned quickly and with little to no equipment. A weaving technique can be used to create other textile crafts, such as hanging wall art.

Looms come in a variety of sizes, from small hand looms and simple wooden frames to enormous electrical power looms.

2. Greeting cards

There are numerous approaches you may take while making greeting cards, which makes it a popular crafty choice. For instance, you can paint or doodle on your playing cards first to see how it goes and send samples of them to see if anyone is interested.

Alternately, utilize pre-made embellishments that you can simply arrange according to your own design and adhere to your cards. Consider purchasing a card-making kit if you have never made greeting cards before and are unsure of how to get started.

Most of them are pretty easy to use and really help you create something unique and appealing to the eye of the potential buyer.

3. Photography

This third choice from our list is not a real craft but more like a hobby that can help you get some extra money in retirement or in your spare time. If you enjoy walking around the town and taking pictures of everything that catches your attention, starting with buildings, kids, animals, or nature itself, then it’s time to monetize this amazing hobby that you have!

You can work as a freelancer for weddings, other celebrations, and events. Family photographs are another topic worth looking into since they are also highly popular. These kinds of images may also be sold on stock image marketplaces like Shutterstock, Getty Images, and Stocksy. Just be careful to upload only high-quality pictures because they all get reviews before they are actually published on the website.

It’s a cool and easy way to earn some extra money because most of them pay 50% of the selling price, which is a really good deal for one entry-level photographer!

But if you like less formal forms of photography, don’t stress. Or perhaps you lack the tools necessary to start a career in portrait or wedding photography. If your phone has a good camera, you can still sell your pictures on other websites. Foap is a good deal for this kind of photography!

4. Homemade fragrance (scented candles)

Home fragrance goods like candles don’t require any prior creating skills, making them one of the simplest crafts to manufacture and sell online. They are also in high demand. By 2026, it is anticipated that the home fragrance industry will grow to $9.2 billion! Wow, that’s something!

To practice the technique of adding essential oils to melted wax, you can buy a simple candle-making kit, which is very user-friendly and gives you all the instructions you need if you are a beginner on this path. But the options are virtually limitless; get inventive and make a statement with distinctive packaging, forms, or smell combinations.

Just keep in mind that candles are prone to breaking and melting if you intend to produce and sell them online. Include a note about this in the package’s packing and delivery.

What do you think about these DIY crafts? Are you willing to make them in the year to come? Tell us in the comments.

Recommendation for crafts: freeze glue sticks. When gluing, this will stop long string bands from forming. Try heating the bottle in the microwave for 10 seconds if the glue is trapped inside. The heated environment will encourage the glue to dissolve, allowing you to use every last drop of it. 

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5. Textile dyeing

This is one of those crafts that will help you not only refresh your old clothes but also earn some extra money. Prior to the commencement of the COVID pandemic in 2019, tie-dye saw a popularity spike that is still going strong today.

Making and selling this method from the comfort of your own home only calls for a few tools and a few basic abilities, but a lot of creativity! If you’re talented, you can also paint some nice things, depending on your customers’ demands.

6. Sewing

If you’re the kind of person who just enjoys fixing things around the house and helping others, you may turn your habit into a source of income by offering some of your skills. For instance, it’s time to share your sewing expertise with others if you’ve mastered both hand and machine sewing.

After all, not everyone owns a sewing machine at home, and many others aren’t even familiar with its operation. Starting with a repair and adjustment service is a good place to start.

However, you may try to manufacture something you’re very good at and then sell it online or at a future garage sale, as opposed to manufacturing items to offer your skills.

Bottom line:

Remember that it’s never too late to start your own craft business! Get ready with a glue gun and some creativity, and let your imagination do the job. 2023 can be the time to advance your abilities from a side interest to a craft enterprise of your own.

Create a powerful brand, draft a business plan, and decide who your target market is. Always keep an eye out for DIY trends and consider seasonality. After reading this article, I am sure you’re more than ready to take the initiative to sell your own crafts anywhere, from a craft fair to your own web shop.

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