10 Creative Fence-Painting Ideas for Your Garden


Two of my closest friends are incredibly passionate about crafts. Whether it’s a sunny day outside or it rains like only in England you’d see, they find new excuses to get crafty. When it’s sunny, they experiment with all sorts of tricky techniques and ideas in the garden.

But when it rains, their house might end up in a complete makeover. You never really know. So when it comes to insights on crafts and DIY projects, I ALWAYS ask them for help. Last week, we discussed fence painting because I could use a makeover on mine.

In the last couple of months, this issue has been bugging me, and I’ve finally decided to take action. So discussing with my own crafty captains, I’ve realized there are many things to learn.

And I’ve decided to write about it, thinking that my friend’s wisdom could help you, too. I found so many fabulous painting ideas, that I’m considering re-painting my fence every couple of months. Here are some of the best fence painting ideas we’ve come up with:

fence painting
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Flowers and butterflies

During summer days, most people prefer spending their time in the backyard, mostly because the days are longer, the weather is warm, and everything is nicer. So it makes all the sense in the world to start wondering what would look best on your fence, especially given that beautiful summer scene that you’re looking forward to!

If you already have your way around arts & crafts, then painting a bunch of beautiful flowers shouldn’t be problematic. If not, there are plenty of DIY painting videos that might help. And if you like how it turns out, you could also paint a little (or big, depending on your preferences) monarch butterfly.

Colorful kid-like painted fencepost

If you’re about to get creative in a fun, entertaining, and unconventional way, then we have the perfect tip for you! Maybe you shouldn’t start with a fancy mural, and instead, you could try creating a splashy painting! If you don’t know where to start, have a look on Pinterest at different styles of kids’ brushes and pick a couple of bright paints.

I can guarantee you that the result will be super different and eye-catching! We simply adore the fun, eclectic look of a colorful fence! It brings so much joy, especially during summer, when bright colors are everywhere you look! Pro tip: If I were you, I would change the design as soon as the cold sets in.

Grass and sky-painted fence with some hooks and decorating items

If you’re 100% decided to give your fence a complete makeover, but you’re not that convinced about your hand-painting skills, don’t worry! First, I want to say that technique is learned in time, so if you’ve just started this hobby, it’s natural to give it a bit of time! It might take longer for you to learn how to paintbrush, and in the meantime, you still have to paint that fence.

In this case, you can combine hand-painting with another craft, and trust me…you will LOVE the results. First, start by painting a simple sky and grass, using your favorite blue and green (make sure they match). Then, gently add various shapes, details, and intricate designs, by attaching hooks to the wood.

Full garden-painted fence

If you are VERY confident about your hand painting skills, but you want to be sure that what you’re going to paint suits your garden, then I have a great suggestion. Do you have plenty of lovely flower beds that you want to emphasize? Then what your fence needs is…more flowers! I suggest you paint a wonderful little floral scene right at the bottom of your fence.

Perhaps, you could even paint the flowers that are already growing in your garden! When your flower beds are blooming, the two will complete each other and make your garden look even richer than before! I love this idea so much, I think I’ll try it myself next year!

Photo by justesfir from Shutterstock

Paint-stenciled gardening quote

If you’re more a storyteller than an illustrator, and you’ve always got your words with you, then why ignore them? Believe it or not, that’s not even an issue when it comes to decorative fence painting. So choose your favorite colors (the brighter, the better), and a couple of intricate shapes and details, and start “writing down” your favorite quotes!

It can be ANYTHING: from famous motivating, inspiring, funny quotes, to family quotes that went down in the history, maybe something your grandma said at some point that simply cracks you up. Whatever you choose, it has to make you HAPPY!

Brightly colored fence and a matching shed

If you’re an eclectic painting enthusiast, and you like spilling your bubbly personality into the space you live in, you’ve probably never been the kind of person to shy away from loud colors or any other DIY statement pieces. Well, that’s just great, because I have a wonderful idea for you! There’s this fantastic eye-catching, yet monochrome fence that you can try.

Choose your favorite color, ideally something that makes you constantly joyful and cheers you up, and splashes away your personality! You will have a fun, interesting outdoor aesthetic that contrasts very well with the green plants around you.

Repeating paint-stenciled patterns

Did I manage to get your attention when I started talking about stencils? If you’ve always preferred patterns and repeating visual details over anything else, there’s something you can try! Paint a repeated stencil pattern, preferably something you like.

It can be either a Moroccan pattern (those are my favorites) or a geometric one that will make your fence look more like a mural than a fence! I’m curious to know how it turns out, so don’t shy away from writing down in the comments section everything about the process and how it looks!

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Under the sea fence

Even if you’re painting the fence in your yard, this doesn’t mean that it automatically has to look like a summer garden, or that you must go for a yard-inspired theme. One of the best ideas that I’ve ever come across is painting a sea-inspired fence.

If you love the ocean or the sea, well…paint it! So instead of painting flowers, butterflies, and any other backyard animals and scenes, you could choose to make an under-the-sea mural, with various fantastic sea creatures that will instantly brighten up anyone’s day.

Field art

This is another personal favorite. If your home and patio are a bit darker in their decor and color scheme, and (for obvious reasons) nothing enlisted here seems to work with that, you need to go with something else.

Paint your fence on a darker note, then decide on a mysterious but interesting silhouette art with a brighter color. I really like the idea of painting wheat swaying in the wind in a brighter shade, but that’s just me. You paint what you feel goes best with your personality.

Bright Bluebonnets

So do you like the idea of painting various flowers and forms, but you’re not really fond of what I’ve suggested so far? Don’t worry, taste is purely subjective, so keep on looking!

I have one last suggestion to make: I’ve mentioned paintbrushes, stencils, and even color dripping, but I didn’t say anything about sponges! You can paint wonderful flowers using just a sponge! So go ahead and let your creativity flow dictate your next big fence mural!

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