How to Maximize Your Attic Storage Space (Free Guide: 10 Tips)


Do you know how to maximize storage space in your attic?

Whether you have a big attic or not, there’s a possibility that you lack storage space (don’t we all?). You probably have a lot of things lying around the house, and you definitely need to have enough room to put all of them.

You might feel like you’re wasting valuable storage space on an unfinished or partially completed attic, because it looks a bit sloppy and you can fit all of your stuff there.

But what if I tell you that with enough planning and creativity – don’t worry, it seems harder than it actually is, even an unfinished attic can be a great place to store things? And I’m here to guide you throughout the whole process!

The attic storage and organizing ideas that follow will help you discover inspiration to make use of the space in your attic, whether you need to have some long-term storage for your holiday decorations or short-term storage of seasonal clothing items, or even if you require a spot to keep family treasures. Sounds interesting? Then read along with us to discover all these useful tips!

How much storage space do you have in your attic?

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1. Clear storage beans

If you’ve used clear storage beans before, you probably know how useful they are. But if you’ve never had them in your home, it’s time to become friends with them, because they’re absolutely lifesavers!

In order to for your attic to always be organized and clean, transparent plastic containers are a great choice for storing all the things you don’t typically need on a daily basis. They’re amazing because you can quickly and easily locate the items you need by using clear bins.

You’ll see what you put in there, and you won’t waste any time looking for your lost things. Besides that, the best part about using these things is that if they’re up in the attic, dust, germ, and bacteria won’t be able to settle on your precious belongings, especially if you keep them in containers with tight-fitting lids.

Clear storage beans are very budget-friendly and you can find them almost everywhere, from Walmart, Amazon, Dollar Store, and even in flea markets. Go on a shopping spree and get those storage containers you need.

2. Vacuum your clothes

Attics are often used to store out-of-season garments until the next year, because it gives much-needed room in your wardrobe. However, as you already know, winter clothing is bulky and might eat up a lot of usable closet space.

If you don’t want to turn your attic into a massive closet room, you can use a couple of storage bags to save some space in your home. After you put your items into the bags, you can get rid of the air by using your vacuum cleaner. It’s not that complicated and is very useful. This makes it much easier to store the clothes in your attic and saves you a lot of precious space.

…Have you ever used vacuum-friendly bags to maximize storage space in your home?

3. Stable attic floor

If you need more storage space but you have no idea whether your attic can support it or not, you should build a solid attic floor, or talk to a professional to help you out. You’d better be certain that everything is secure before you store all your massive things there and end up destroying something and then having to spend a ton of money on repairs.

Don’t be upset if your attic can’t be used as a living space (which means that you can turn it into a beautiful living room or guest room), it might be possible to use it for storage, so do your research and find what works for the space you have.

Some engineers say that you can DIY a stable attic floor without any problem, but we suggest you talk to a pro before starting a project like this.

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4. Easy access

Before you begin thinking of what sorts of items you want to bring into your attic and store them away, you need to make sure you can easily access your attic to bring stuff up or remove it.

You can go to the nearest shop or even on Amazon and look for some ladders that will help you get in and out a lot faster and more safely. You don’t need something expensive or a new gadget, just pick one that will provide you with easy access each time you need to go to your attic.

5. Don’t forget about insulation

This thing is important so read it carefully: experts say that you should consider installing insulation in your attic before you start using this area as extra storage space.

Without having the proper materials for insulation, attics might easily reach dangerous and extreme temperatures throughout the summer and winter. Depending on the state you live in, you surely know that some winters are not friendly at all.

And if you’re unlucky enough to have your surface destroyed by the extreme temperatures, you’ll need to spend a good amount of money on repairs, and I’m pretty sure that’s not an option, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

But that is not all: let’s not forget about the fact that more fragile objects might be harmed by these temperature swings. We recommend you contact a professional and talk to them about insulation or any other alternatives that can help you keep your valuables safe and secure.

6. Keep your holiday items together

If you’re a holiday enthusiast and can’t wait to decorate your home for this special occasion, you probably don’t like it when you spend a lot of time looking for a missing decoration.

Grab a few cards and divide them into categories, such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. Put your decorations in the cardboard box where they belong and put them away in your attic. Not only will it maximize your storage space, but it will also help you be more organized and not waste a bajillion minutes looking for the items that each holiday requires.

When the holiday season comes around each year, you won’t have to hunt as much to locate everything and bring it down. If you keep all of your decorative items in 1 place, you won’t have to worry about losing any of them. Win-win!

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7. Pegboard

Pegboard is a budget-friendly and simple solution to the problem of what to do with your attic space. You can also use pegboard in your garage, to hand your tools, or in your indoor garden, to display your beautiful and colorful plants.

Since the holes in the pegboard are uniformly spaced, they can be easily used to create a more organized and bigger storage area in the attic. You can hang smaller objects on the pegboard so they’re out of the way but still accessible to grab each time you need them.

…What do you think about this simple method for increasing attic storage space? Do you find pegboards useful? Tell us down below!¬†

8. Sturdy shelves

More storage space is coming to you! Do you need some inspiration for storage in the loft? We know exactly what you might need! If you have the skills to do so, setting up some solid shelves in your attic will give you a lot of extra room for storing things and will keep them off the floor, where they won’t be damaged.

There is no need to take up valuable floor space in your attic when you can simply install a few mountable shelves. They’re one of the greatest options out there, and they’ll increase your storage space immediately.

If you have a lot of shoes, for instance, and they’re off-season at the moment, you can put them on your sturdy shelves, and you’ll have way more room in your closet. It won’t be as aesthetically pleasing as you might want, but it will get the job done, which is all that matters.

9. Label, label, label

Attic organizing ideas are essential if you don’t want your space to devolve into a chaotic room. You can either purchase a label maker from a shop or do it the old-fashioned way: grab a marker and some tape and label every bin, box, and bag in your attic. That will help you a lot when you want to locate the specific items you need.

…It’s not that hard to stay organized, is it? It might not seem like a big deal, but labeling your belongings can actually help you maximize storage space!

10. Attic fan

…Attic fans and storage space! Is there a connection between these 2? Let’s find out!

You might think that your attic doesn’t need a fan since there’s nothing that can be damaged there. But you should think twice. There’s a smart reason why professionals tell their clients to invest in a fan for their extra storage room.

Attic fans are generally required in order to cripple hot air and draw in cooler air during the summer months. This can also help you keep the attic at a colder temperature, which is better for protecting the stuff you’re keeping there. That’s actually a great deal, if you ask us!

…Do you have any other ideas on how to maximize storage space in your attic? Don’t forget to keep your area clean and clutter-free, because we all know that when things look messy, it’s a lot harder to find the items you’re looking for!

…If you want to give your home a simple and beautiful makeover but don’t exactly have the budget for it, we have a solution! Get in the DIY spirit, and let’s start making some magic together! This article will help you out: 18 Amazing Home Upgrades You Can Effortlessly DIY!

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