5 Home Upgrades You Should NEVER Do By Yourself


What do you think about DIY home upgrades?

If you’re handy and you love arts and crafts, DIY home improvement projects could be a lot of fun (of course, if you did your research and now you know what you’re doing). Everyone wants to have a stunning home that people stop by when they’re walking to admire for a couple of seconds.

However, the truth is that the majority of us want things to look good but be affordable at the same time, and this is exactly where DIY home upgrades come in. Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love things that we do by ourselves and boost the value of our homes, but sometimes, things can be harder than they seem.

Some tasks are simple and have minimal risks, while others should be delegated to experts for the best results. For instance, an easy way to improve the aesthetic of your house is to paint the walls or plant some flowers or plants around the property (that’s definitely something you can do alone and you’ll get excellent results).

On the other hand, there are quite a few repairs and home upgrades that you should always ask professionals to do, either because they are too complicated to be a typical DIY project or because a missed step might result in expensive damage to your house.

An easy way to decide whether you want to perform the task yourself or let professionals do their job is to ask yourself if the thing you want to accomplish might create a fire or could lead to a leak. Be honest here and think of your safety, financial resources, and knowledge, because if you’re not careful, you won’t achieve the results that you want.

A yes response means that you should pick up your phone and call the pros and ask them for help. Without further ado, here are the 5 most popular DIY home upgrade projects you should NEVER do by yourself. You might be tempted to put on your housework clothes, but it’s best to think twice and let the professionals to their job.

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1. Roof renovation

The roof of your house plays a VITAL role in protecting you and your family, so when something bad happens to it, you want to solve the problem ASAP. That’s because it makes sure you and your loved ones are away from the powerful sources of Mother Nature, such as rain and snow.

But before you turn into a DIY hero, it’s best to think twice and admit that you won’t be able to do a better job than a professional. Even if there isn’t much damage to your roof, there’s no point in playing with its safety in any way because it could lead to a leak or any other serious damage.

Not to mention, DIY roofing home upgrades are a NO-NO due to safety reasons. Believe it or not, even for experts, working on a roof has risks. To prevent themselves or your beautiful home from getting damaged, many pros equip themselves with personal fall arrest devices.

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t have either these kinds of tools or the knowledge they need to use them, which is why it’s best to stay away from a home upgrade project like that.

A professional roofer can also look at the condition of your roof and tell you if you need to fix it or get a new one, so trust their help!

2. Window repairs

You can’t help but believe what a difference it would make to your home if you added a window. It might be true, but you shouldn’t be the one who tackles this project, unless you want to do more harm than good.

Window repairs or installation might seem like an easy task, one that everyone can do, but in reality, there is a lot at stake, especially since you have to cut a hole in your wall to achieve the result that you want. There are certain walls in your house that are more important than others, and if you don’t know which category they’re in, you might cause serious trouble.

Speaking of importance, these walls prevent the roof or ceiling above from collapsing and provide support for the upper levels. So it’s never a good idea to compromise the safety of your house by removing even a tiny part of a supporting wall.

…Did you know that you might also need permits for this home upgrade project?

Permits are typically required in order for you to install a new window in a dwelling, which is another reason to ask a professional for help. A licensed builder will know what permissions they need and how to get them, so that’s a worry less for you.

Moreover, experts say that it’s better to hire a professional, even if replacing your old windows seem like a less complicated task than installing new ones. You probably don’t have enough knowledge about carpentry, but someone who’s trained for a job like this will know what you do.

This means that you might get hurt or that you might risk doing some bad things that will force you to ask for help afterward, so you’ve wasted your time and money in vain.

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3. Kitchen or bathroom remodeling

Even if you’re handy and you know your home so well, that you can easily change items such as cupboard pulls and shower curtains on your own, it’s probably for the best to hire pros for major remodeling projects around the kitchen or bathroom.

DIYing such an important area is not recommended because of the costly plumbing modifications or repairs that are typically needed. Fixing a leaky faucet or improperly updating the pipes can be a major headache, and if you don’t know exactly what to do, that might end up hurting your wallet, which is definitely something you don’t want, right?

As you probably know, walls and flooring might be easily damaged if water leaks from the faucet or the pipes, so pay close attention to the things you can and can’t do. You can stick to changing the tiles or the wallpaper in your bathroom, add a few plants to make it prettier, or change the lighting bulbs, but leave the sink or toilet moving to a pro.

4. Installing a door

A beautiful door can completely change the way your home looks, but if you want to upgrade your old entrance door to a steel type, it might be best to talk to experts who can do it for you.

Did you know that even a tiny error that can happen when you install a new door can actually lead to major complications? That’s right: you might notice that your door doesn’t stick or latch correctly, so this one is definitely a home upgrade project you shouldn’t attempt by yourself.

Besides that, an improperly hung door might let air seep into the house and drive up heating and cooling costs, and you surely don’t want to pay more money on bills just because you once made a mistake.

…Have you ever tried to do such a home upgrade project on your own?

5. Siding remodeling

If you plan on selling your property, changing out the siding on your house might have a significant impact on its market value. Experts say that siding replacement can sometimes result in a 75% return on investment for homeowners, so it’s definitely a detail to keep in mind.

You surely know that the siding of your house is great at keeping pests and rats away, which is one of the best things ever, in our opinion. But there’s more to that: it can also make your home look more beautiful, which is also great for boosting its overall value.

If you install your siding correctly, this home upgrade project can make potential buyers think that the property you’re selling is definitely an excellent one for them. But that’s not all: it can also increase its security, which is always a win-win if you ask us.

However, the incorrect installation might lead to water seeping through the siding, and that’s never a good thing. In conclusion, it’s best to choose a professional siding installer or replacement service to take care of this home upgrade project for you.

…This home upgrade project is actually more complicated than it seems!

According to experts, siding installation is more sophisticated and tough than it 1st seems, and you need to be extra careful when working with it. The siding should be built so that there are no cracks or openings through which water or cold might seep in or through which tiny insects might get access.

To make sure that the material is securely fastened to your house and that there are no gaps around doors and windows, hire a pro to do this job for you, and this home upgrade project will be exactly how you imagined it.

Besides that, you might also need to obtain some special permissions to finish this home upgrade project and a skilled contractor will know exactly what you need, how to get them, and how long it will take.

We know that it might seem like you spend a lot of money on home upgrades just because you want to hire a pro, but if you really think about it, that will save you time and resources. You won’t have to do research to find out what kinds of permits you need, and you also won’t have the risk of getting injured.

…Was this article helpful? Would you consider talking to a pro about any of these home upgrade project? If yes, we have a lot more for you to read! Here’s one that you might enjoy: 11 Ways You’re Ruining Your Home Without Realizing It!

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