4 Great Temporary Fixes for Leaking Pipes in Your Home


Have you ever wondered what can you do if you have a leaky pipe until the plumber comes over?

Having to deal with a leaky pipe is a huge hassle, especially when you have to do something about the crack and all the water before the plumber arrives. The situation gets even harder to deal with and more annoying if you cannot turn off the water supply until the repairman arrives. You cannot leave the pipe as it is, nor can you just let it leak. It will cost you money, and in the long run, you will have to spend more to repair the area around it as well. So what do you do?

We have brought you the easiest ways in which you can cover and patch up the leak until you get a professional to come to take a look at the situation and resolve the issue for good. Some are just strictly temporary, and some may last you longer, but do not fall into a false sense of security. Even if you can resolve this yourself, you will need to get a plumber in the end!

Until then, read on to find out how to fix a leaky pipe temporarily in the easiest way possible! Believe us, anyone can use these methods!

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No.1: Localized Insulation

You will have to make sure that what you are dealing with is actually a pipe leak and not just condensation. It happens to a lot of people to find a pipe or area around a pipe so wet that they swear they have a leak somewhere, yet when they check carefully, there seems to be none! This doesn’t mean you have to leave the situation as it is and learn to live with the moisture, but rather that your problem is not a cracked pipe but rather a condensation and insulation one.

When the water and pipes are colder than the air temperature around them, they will end up producing condensation on the surface of the pipes. The great thing is that if this is the reason why you end up with so much moisture around your piping, you can easily just use some localized insulation and resolve the problem.

Buy some self-adhesive drip tape and make sure the pipes are clean and dry when you start to install the drip. This drip tape is made especially to deal with these “sweaty pipe” situations, and you will just have to wind the tape around the pipes in your problem area. It will get rid of the condensation, and if you no longer find them or the area wet, you have efficiently solved your issue!

If you still find the area wet, then it would be an excellent idea to call a plumber to check the situation out, because the leak may be somewhere else.

No.2: Repair Clamps for Pipes

This one will imply that you either have these clamps around or that you are willing to go to a hardware store in order to get some. But this method is generally easy to use, and you can use it for quite a lot of types of pipes. These clamps come in different sizes, and you will only need a rubber or plastic patch (you can also find those at the hardware store) and some electrical tape. It can be a bit tricky the first time you attempt to do it, so you will also need to be a bit handy or used to patch up a few things here and there around the house.

After you have made sure you have all the tools we mentioned, you will have to turn off the water supply for the pipe in question and dry the area around the leak. Then you should place the patch on top of the crack, secure it with tape, and take your clamp and secure everything in place, effectively closing the crack. After this, you will have to turn on the water and check again for any other leaks.

This application can end up being a bit tricky since you will have to juggle a few elements, and some may not find it as easy as others to fix the clamp in the right spot.

What’s more, this is just a temporary solution! You will have to call the plumber in the end, but the clamp methods will buy you a few more days if you get them right.

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No.3: Plumber’s Epoxy

The easiest way to fix this problem yourself is to look into what the actual professionals use and try to emulate that. After all, sometimes it is actually an easy job that will not take more than a few minutes to resolve, and you may not want to pay a pretty sum for something you could easily patch yourself. This, of course, only applies to minor leaks and only when it comes to water.If you notice any leaks in other types of pipes (such as the gas one), contact a professional immediately.

In order to be able to patch a pipe leak like a plumber, you will have to get their tools. And the easiest one for us is plumbing epoxy! This material is easy to find; you can get it online or in most hardware stores, and it is like modeling clay, which is used to cover up and patch up any holes you may find in the pipes. You will have to turn off the water supply and then find the place where the leak is originating from, making sure to dry the area before you start patching it up with the epoxy.

All you need to do is take a piece of the epoxy—you will not need a lot of product—and knead it in your palm until it becomes softer. Apply it to the crack you have found in the pipe, spreading it carefully until it covers the area, and then leave it to harden according to the package instructions. This should not take up too much time! Then, turn on the water again and see if the leak still persists. Otherwise, you have managed to patch it up well, and you have effectively bought yourself more time until you need to call the plumber!

Keep in mind that this is not the end-all, be-all solution! If the crack is large, this may not be as efficient as you would wish, and at some point, you will still have to call in a professional. This is a short-term solution until you can resolve the issue.

No.4: If anything else fails, Duct Tape

It can happen that you do not have anything else on hand. And sure, it may not be the best or most aesthetic fix, but it will have to do until you get a professional to come to take a look at your leaking problem. After all, sometimes it is not the kitchen sink that is leaking or one of the pipes that you can easily access and fix. It can sometimes be the case that they are hidden inside your wall or that it is hard to keep the water supply to the pipe closed so you do not have to deal with the leak.

Not to mention, it could take a while until the plumber ends up being able to come to help you. It can also be the case that you do not have the means to pay for an emergency repair. And despite the fact that many see using duct tape as a mark of shoddy workmanship, it is one of the best short-term solutions most of us have on hand. As long as you make sure you do get a plumber to come to take a look at the leak, there is no problem with using duct tape.

You probably have some lying around in a cupboard anyway, so why not get to use it? You will first have to shut off the water supply and dry off the area where the leak is happening. Otherwise, the place will be too wet, and you can say goodbye to this plumbing hack.

Just make sure that you layer a few pieces of duct tape around the leak spot and that they are secure before turning on the water again. If your leak is in a weird spot, it may not work, but it’s worth giving it a try before ruling it out! Just make sure your trusty plumber comes to fix everything soon after!

And before you call the plumber desperately and accept anything they say to you as fact and truth, make sure that you check out these things that most plumbers are going to hide from you!

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