These Expert-Approved Tips Help You Organize a Small Closet


If you have a small closet and you’re a shopaholic like me, then you know the struggle of having too many items in a crowded space. And this is how your house will slowly become a huge, cluttered space. It’s not as difficult as it would seem to have a well-organized closet, and you don’t need to invest a lot of money in a built-in system.

There are many do-it-yourself solutions that can help you maximize the space in your closet, ranging from the most basic solutions, like using organized slim felt hangers to prevent clothing from slipping, to more surprising solutions, like adding acrylic file folders to organize a handbag collection.

Are you ready to say goodbye to a messy closet? Keep reading because we’re about to tell you the best tips that will help you organize your small place that’s full of a lot of clothes you’re not ready to break up with.

Keep seasonal items down low

Put seasonal items in baskets, such as winter coats or swimsuits. Then, just switch which baskets are on which shelves as the seasons change. Move warm-weather goods to higher shelves in the fall and move winter jackets and other accessories to lower ones. Do the opposite when springtime arrives. You’ll also have what you need on hand if you use this trick, and the closet will seem as neat and well-organized as it should.

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Label everything

Clearly labeled bins and baskets will help you discover what you’re looking for faster if you use them to organize smaller things and accessories. Due to the ability to identify all the various sizes within the drawers, it’s also a fantastic way to keep track of all your clothes, especially when you’re in a hurry and you don’t know what to grab first. When you’re doing this procedure, make sure you sort all the things you wear the most and put them in a box near your door.

In case you want to sort things out and see what’s no longer useful, make another box and label it “to donate.” After it’s done, you can dispose of it easily and redirect it to donation centers in your neighborhood.

Make room for hanging space

Prepare for a variety of variously sized hanging locations rather than folding clothes over on themselves or letting them lie on the floor. This keeps everything organized and gives you specific spaces for each of your various outfits.

Divide hanging clothing by category

If you have too many clothes, sometimes it’s impossible to choose which one to wear tomorrow. And because of that, the smartest way to find your favorite when you really need it is to label the hanger. Similar clothing items, such as coats or button-down shirts, can be stored together to simplify organization and prevent overstuffing.

Additionally, this keeps other clothing from wrinkling or slipping off of hangers. Drapery clips can also be used to show tags that identify various clothing categories.

Fold them properly

Learning a folding method that enables you to fit everything into your closet is a crucial tip for making the most of your space. To conserve some room in the drawers, some basic techniques include putting bras inside of one another and putting small bags into larger ones.

Additionally, if you stack your shirts or sweaters rather than fold them vertically when you arrange them in a drawer. It may appear to be a difficult task, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Put your sweaters and your jeans in plain sight

Jeans, sweaters, and t-shirts don’t need to be hung, so this method of clothing organization works well for them. Roll them in the drawers or place them in brightly colored baskets.

Invest in matching hangers

A set of identical hangers will guarantee that your clothing lies flat against one another and save you significant closet space, in addition to being visually stunning.

Tip: You can match your clothes with the hangers for an even more “wow” effect! 

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Remove the door

In the past few years, a lot of manufacturers have begun to create amazing closets that have all the necessary abilities to store a lot of stuff even if your room is small. If you have an old one that doesn’t look that good (especially its heavy doors), get rid of it entirely if it makes your space look and feel even smaller and cramped. You can cover it with curtains to create a fancier look.

…but you can also install a sliding door

If you want to keep your closet doors, you should install sliding ones for two reasons: your clothes will be safe from dust, and you will never have to open it wide to find what you need to wear. They are excellent space savers, especially in confined spaces where two doors would otherwise swing into one another.

Find another spot for your shoes

Every woman understands the struggle of having a large collection of shoes in various shapes and colors, and the majority of them can take up a lot of space if you choose to store them in your closet. Then why not move them to a separate area? You can either move them under your bed in boxes or incorporate a long shelf under a bench in the entryway or on your balcony if it’s large enough for some extra storage.

By doing this, you can also start the “no shoe rule” in your bedroom!

Personalize closet organization

Add a range of accessible clothing organizers to your wardrobe to increase its capacity for storage. The best clothing storage can be realized with the use of adjustable closet systems, specialized racks and hangers, storage bins and baskets, shelf dividers, drawer organizers, and hanging divided bags. Use vintage hat boxes, suitcases, and even pots to create unique storage solutions for out-of-season clothing, rarely-used accessories, and other items.

Hang your jewelry and accessories

To hang purses on the hanging line in your closet, use shower hooks. Additionally, this method prevents handles from developing irregular shapes. Or, for simple access to the deepest part of your closet, use a sliding divider attached to the internal door of your closet, which is ideal for hanging ties and belts.

Otherwise, create a mini “dressing room” in your bedroom by setting up a makeup table and stool close to your small closet and hanging accessories from wall hooks. If you don’t have a jewelry-specific drawer, these hanging organizers with sections will work. For the most part, they are big enough to accommodate your bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

Plan your outfits for tomorrow on the back of your closet door

To arrange clothing and increase storage space outside of the closet, use the back of a door. To hang freshly ironed clothes temporarily, organize ball cap collections, and store bulky goods like robes or coats, use over-the-door hooks, shoe bags, and multi-hook racks. And manage smaller accessories like scarves, neckties, and belts instead, you may attach a rack to the front or back of a door.

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