These 12 Items Might Destroy Your Washing Machine


What are the things you should never put into your washing machine?

Doing the laundry seems like a never-ending chore that we have to do almost two times a week. And for some of us, it’s more like a hassle. But washing machines come in handy because putting everything inside them makes everything easier. This is where we’re wrong! It can seem easy to use the washing machine—just load it up with all your dirty clothing and other items, add your detergent, and press a button.

Now, before you go ahead and do that, you might want to pause since what you’re about to do could badly harm your priceless belongings or even the washing machine. Let’s dig up the list of things you should never throw in your washer.

1. Clothes with zippers and buttons

Of course, you can put your favorite jeans in the washing machine as long as you complete the task correctly. To prevent snagging on delicate items or harming the interior of your washing machine, fully zip the zippers. Additionally, unbutton every button because failing to do so risks damaging both the buttonholes and the buttons.

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2. Lingerie

This is a mistake most people tend to make. Either you’re in a hurry or not, you should never put lingerie articles in the washing machine. And why is this a mistake, you might wonder? Well, putting your lingerie (especially the one with lace) in the washer with other clothes can be a disaster. For the bras that have wires, they can easily break and interfere with your sweater or your t-shirt and make holes in them. These wires (and bra hooks) can also hook into the machine, damaging its interior.

3. Swimsuits

Swimming suits are one of the things that should never be washed in the washing machine. A lot of them, if not all, are made of nylon or polyester that can lose their elasticity when washed at high temperatures. If you are in a hurry and you need them to dry faster, then put them in a lingerie bag to avoid damage. These bags are made to protect them, and their material is durable.

Before washing any item, read its label carefully! Some clothes can be washed only by hand.

4. Suits

This is one of the things that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Even so, we highly recommend avoiding putting them in your machine. A lot of the fabrics used to make suits are very sensitive and delicate, and high water temperatures can tear them apart. In most cases, they shrank, and a lot of others lost their vibrant color as well.

If you want to keep your favorite suit for many years, bring it to the dry cleaner. They are professionals that can help you clean it without damaging it.

The following is extremely important for all pet owners! 

5. Clothes covered in pet hair

If you have a pet, then you probably know the struggle of having tons of hair all over your clothes. And because you know how much of a hassle it is to remove it, you shouldn’t toss it into the washing machine. Why? because besides clumping on other clothes that may be without hair, it can also stick very easily to the interior of the machine and later clog the drain.

Instead of rushing to the washing machine, use a roller to get rid of the hair as much as possible before washing. If the hair is stubborn, you can also try to remove it with a tweezer.

6. Coins

You might frequently overlook the coins and spare change in your pockets. The next thing you know, all those pennies are swimming in the wash, and your washing machine is making an odd noise. In the washer, these seemingly innocuous metal fragments have the potential to seriously destroy the drain pump’s fins.

Even though most individuals wouldn’t intentionally toss coins into the washer, if the machine were to break, the coins may still cause accidents and costly damage. Before placing any pants or jacket into a wash cycle, make sure to check all of the pockets for any money to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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7. Keys

We all tend to forget keys in our pockets; that’s not a surprise. And because of that, in most cases, they end up in the washing machine. Nobody wants to wash their car keys because they can scratch the interior of the drum or, in the case of an even bigger misfortune, get stuck in the filters.

That’s why it’s important to check all your pockets and remove all the items that may damage your appliance. Don’t forget that if you drive an electric vehicle or have keyless entry systems for your home, the situation is even worse. Such equipment could malfunction or short-circuit due to the water nearby.

8. Blankets

If you don’t want to ruin your fluffy blankets, check their tags before throwing them into the washing machine. Some of them may lose their softness, and others can shrink depending on their fabric.

9. Sweaters

One of the things you should never put in your washing machine are your sweaters, unless the appliance is new and has a special program that allows you to wash your sweater without having to tumble dry it. In most cases, sweaters are made of wool or cashmere, which can easily sink and become smaller after washing them. To protect them (even at 30 degrees), use special bags to put them in, and if possible, wash them alone.

10. Ties

Ties can get dirty, especially if you have to wear them every day for your job. Or maybe it can happen by accident, and you may spill something on them that will leave stains if it’s not removed immediately. But avoid washing your ties in the washing machine! If it really needs a deep clean, you can easily wash it by hand in medium-warm water.

11. Waterproof clothing

You may think that this is obvious, but I saw a lot of people who mistakenly (or not) washed their raincoats at 40 degrees. And the “surprise” afterwards was mind-blowing. Cloth items that are washed in a washing machine, such as mattresses and raincoats, collect water and develop a balloon-like effect that will eventually burst during the washing process. After the cycle was over, they saw small chunks from the waterproof items all over the drum.

In some cases, this may lead to the washing machine exploding, which would be a total disaster! So, next time you’re planning to wash your raincoat, you’d better hand-wash it. It’s safer!

12. Excessive detergent

Who said adding too much detergent helps you clean your garments better? Contrarily, using more liquid soap and detergent than is advised will damage both the clothing and the washing machine. There may be more soapy residue on clothes, necessitating extra rinsing. The internal walls of the washing machine may potentially develop mold over time, and your belongings and machine may need to be cleaned more thoroughly as a result.

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    1. Thank you kindly Philip! We love hearing from you guys, so don’t hesitate to tell us what other articles you want to see posted. Have a nice evening!

  1. I always wash my underwear in the washing machine. HOWEVER, I also fold the hook end of bras back twice, maybe 1/2 inch each, and use two large safety pins to keep them closed, then they go into a special bag made for these things. Undies go in these bags as well. So do all my sweaters or anything with lace or stretchy materials. I put my socks or stockings into these bags as well, so they don’t make a mess and get lost in the washing machine. Everything goes right into the dryer after they are washed, still in the bags. May take a little bit of time, but my clothes last a lot longer and don’t have snags and so forth on them. I think it is worth it!

  2. You just really opened up my eyes on the why nots of putting things in the washer, very helpful reminders, duly noted!!

  3. What about bath mats with foam rubber backing. I was told by a repairman they are the cause of machines breakdown

  4. My son moved back home and (of course) brought his Aussie. If you know anything about this breed, they have a double coat and shed so much I could knit an afghan with her hair. I run ALL our clothes through the dryer for about 15 minutes first before putting them in the washer. Takes off all the hair, I clean the dryer vent while the clothes wash, then again after I dry them. Much better than using a lint roller!!

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