Designers Use These 9 Tricks for a Cozy Entryway


Did you want to change the feel of your entryway without needing to redo your whole home?

There are lots of ways in which you can achieve that cozy feeling, no matter if your entryway is small or quite large. There are numerous tips and tricks that designers have used over the years to make a space appear lived in, inviting, functional, and aesthetic.

And while a lot of people would say that they’d rather let a professional handle all the decorating or sprucing up of the space, there is nothing stopping you from DIY-ing a cute and cozy entryway by yourself. After all, there isn’t anything too difficult that you will have to do, and if you do not want to get involved with wallpaper or power tools, there are many other ways in which you can achieve the look you want without too much hassle!

Because yes, you can just use the power of decorating and easy jobs to make sure people feel cozy and invited into your home. And since this will be the first space they will see in your house, it will work in your favor to make it as cozy as possible. With a few decorative pieces, moving around some plants, or even just adding a few pictures, you will easily design the entryway of your dreams and soon wonder why you haven’t tried doing it earlier!

Let us know which of the designer-approved suggestions you liked best and which you plan to implement yourself!

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No.1 Rugs go a long way

Did you ever notice how not only are rugs extremely cozy, but they also have the great function of separating spaces? You can easily make sure you separate our entryway from any other room it runs into if you just add a small rug or runner on the floor!

You do not need to have a separate, designated entryway space; you can just create the illusion of one if you add a rug! It’s such an easy way that you can do it in a matter of minutes!

No.2 Never have enough: Mirrors

Are you nervous about actually making your entryway stand out because it gives way immediately into the living room and the space is lacking? Do not worry! You can simply add a mirror in the entryway and watch it work its magic. You will both manage to make your space look bigger due to the reflection and bring more light to the living room!

Not to mention, it gives a look into the home, making it more homey and cozy, and you will love to have somewhere to check your appearance before you leave the house!

No.3 Designated shoe space

Depending on how you grew up, this one is a bit testy. Either way, it is a good thing to have a designated space for shoes in your entryway, even if you do not practice the idea that you should take them off before going inside. You can always run into the problem of walking in the rain or having guests over during rainy or snowy times, and this will save you the hassle of having to mop later.

No matter if you are using a basket, mat, or tray, your guests will appreciate knowing they have a place to leave their shoes, and you can even provide them with some cozy slippers in order to make them feel more welcome!

No.4 Wall hooks

If you do not have enough space on the floor in order to place a whole old-fashioned coat rack in your entryway, you do not have to give up the idea. Having clothes there is not only functional because you can grab your most-used coat before you get out of the house, but it will also contribute to how cozy your home will feel. If you hang your clothes in the front, it will feel lived in and lively.

Yet, with no space for a coat rack, your best bet is to hang some wall hooks! Not only will you be making the most of your space, but you will also have space for your guests to hang their own coats when they come in, and you can skip the awkward conversation of “Where can I place my jacket?”.

A good way of going about this is to have one hook for every family member in the home and at least one extra for a guest!

No.5 Make most of the space with some wallpaper

If you want to go all out and give your entryway the cozy feeling of a living room, why not make the most of some wallpaper? There are a lot of people who are not afraid to make their foyer stand out, and no matter if it is big or small, wallpaper can totally transform a place.

It works even better if you have a smaller entryway because once you add some personality to it with the wallpaper, it will feel bigger. For that, you are easily separating the foyer from the living room or dining space, and it will also help you feel like things aren’t so cramped but rather homey!

If you are worrying about not having enough space to store things, this innovative way to make use of your doors is going to be a lifesaver!

No.6 Make most of the corners

We’ll tell you the big secret about this entryway business and making it a cozy space: it does not need to be complicated, and you do not have to make anything too complicated in order to have great results.

It can be as easy as making the most of that small corner next to your door. You can transform it into the main cozy space in your entryway. Just add a nice chair with pillows, and it will immediately have the desired effect when you have people over. They will want to sit down and slip on or off their shoes!

What’s the added cozy element here? Sitting down will already make them feel like they are home!

Image By OndroM From Shutterstock

No.7 A cozy home is a lived-in one: Photo wall!

This is an easy way to make sure you are both personalizing your entryway and adding a bit of sentimentality to it. After all, lived-in homes have a cozy vibe, and what better way to showcase that than to proudly display all of your family and loved ones on a photo wall?

Turning your entryway into a gallery wall is also pretty easy; all you will need are matching frames and a printer! You can even alternate the pictures of your friends and family with other types of prints, quotes, and even artwork. The best thing about this? There is no way you can mess this up, and it is 100% up to you what it will look like!

Believe us, you cannot miss this chance, and everyone will appreciate the unique foyer and cozy home you have!

No.8 Likewise:  a feature wall!

Of course, the photo wall is a great idea, but sometimes we do not have the time to try to coordinate so many pictures or hang up so many frames. It can also be the case that you will want to swap some pictures, and it can definitely turn from cozy to a hassle! Yet, this other solution we have is never going to be a hassle!

DIY a feature wall in your entryway and give your whole home that cozy vibe immediately! You can easily just change the colors of the walls, add some wallpaper around the door, or even incorporate some of the other suggestions we have here and create a feature wall on one side of your foyer. That way you can create an interesting and well-worked entryway that is going to leave an impression and show just how cozy your home can be.

Not to mention, since you can personalize it however you want, it will not have that magazine look!

No.9 Some plants!

You were probably expecting to see this one on our list! The truth is that plants do make things a little bit cozier, and having your guests be greeted with some green when they first walk in is going to change the game for your entryway.

Not only that, but it also denotes the fact that you are taking care of your home and your family, so it is always a good idea to add a plant or two to your decor. If your foyer does not have a lot of light, you can always opt for succulents or even plants that love low lighting. And if the space is too small and you do not have room for a pot, you can always hang a plant from the ceiling or mount one on the wall!

No matter which way you decide to do it, be it by adding a pot on a stand or placing the plant directly on the floor, a plant will liven up the space and give your home a cozy feeling!

And if you are going to re-paint your entryway or any other room in your house but you are not sure about the shade yet, make sure you check the colors of 2023! These are going to give you a great starting point and also tip you off on the colors you will find the biggest variety of in stores this year!

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  1. Great ideas overall! I don’t do well with plants. I would probably not put plants in the entry. People would probably see dead leaves &spider webs on the dead plant. Might be good only for Halloween! However most of the thoughts are wonderful for our entry. I have several of the items up & agree they are more inviting, especially to family & friends. Thank you, Grandma Christmas

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