Here’s Our Selection of 15 White Room Ideas for This Year


If you’re ever wondering what to do with your room, you can NEVER go wrong with a white-painted living room. Depending on how you decide to style it, a white living room will appear to be very modern, and beachy. A white room is versatile and can be adapted to whatever style you’re deciding to try.

Just think of the whole concept of a white room as a clean, sophisticated black canvas that you can paint whatever you like and whenever you like. If you’re ready to redesign, just check our recommendations for 2023 about some of the best choices of white rooms.

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Display your art with a gallery wall

At first, white walls might rather seem like a safe choice, but in reality, they’re ideal for an art collection or even a gallery wall, as Claire Staszak, owner of Centered by Design, explained.

The homeowner basically becomes an art curator, so you can easily highlight some of the most important pieces in your collection directly on your gallery wall, and they will immediately pop against the white paint. If you want to create a cozier feel, you can also paint the ceilings taupe and pick up all the tones in the rug, which will make a comfortable space to sit and stay for a little while.

Choose a couple of accent features

Probably the biggest benefit of having a white living room is that it creates a blank canvas that you can easily look in any direction you prefer. Just imagine having white-painted walls and a cozy couch: you will instantly feel drawn to the standout light fixture and conversation-worthy side chairs.

Create an interesting accent wall

If you’re dreaming of some sort of pop color and pattern in a fully-white living room, just take a cue from this particular space and highlight one wall with an interesting wallpaper. For example, a botanical approach will stand out and feel just like home, especially when paired with neutral furnishings and natural plants.

Hang on an oversized mirror

Mirrors are a must-have accessory in any given space, including white living rooms. First things first, they’re absolutely gorgeous, especially when they’re outfitted in a particular gilded frame. They’re also highly practical, as they bounce natural light all around the room while catching a glimpse of yourself.

Install wall-to-wall white built-ins

White built-in cabinets are extremely elegant. As a matter of fact, they’re pretty much a match made in any living room heaven. They’re incredibly practical and elegant, especially since the white color is very good at camouflaging the heavy woodwork, making sure there’s a light and bright feeling.

You can use those cabinets placed on the bottom to store things you don’t use on a regular basis, from seasonal decorations, blankets, or anything else you might want to have out of sight but within rapid reach. Then, carefully style the open shelving with some of your favorite family photos, plants, and even piles of the prettiest books.

Forget about window coverings

Nixing your window coverings will let every bit of sunshine bounce around a beautiful white living room, and it will give the sensation of an ultra-energizing space. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it’s for everyone or every single home, but if you have the right elements, why not go for them?

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Consider a white fireplace

Whether you want to cozy up on the couch or simply warm up in front of your fire, a white living room calls for a white-painted fireplace. Not only it will instantly blend in, making the perfect spot to hang a television, but it will also stand out on its own, especially with a roaring fire.

Don’t be scared of white furnishings

It’s true that white furniture is a big no-no if you’re worried about pet hair and spilling red wine, but if you’re careful and strategic about the fabric you want, you won’t have to worry as much. As interior designer Ariana Lovato, from Honeycomb Home Design, recommended, you should consider a linen fabric for the upholstery, which will allow you to have a white sofa without fearing for its dear life.

You can also add some texture and a little bit of color. How? By simply adding a beautiful leather side, maybe even chairs, and a neutral rug that has a subtle yet noticeable pattern.

Keep furnishings as minimal as possible

Minimalists, you’d be happy to read this one! Well, as it turns out, practical but high-design pieces in different shades of neutral colors go very well with white walls. It gives a clean, yet cozy effect. Besides, a white fireplace is always welcome.

Show off your interesting floors

If you strongly believe that your flooring is no less than a show-stopping piece, you might want to do everything not to take the attention off of it! So all you need to focus on are white walls, a small area rug, and other furnishings that won’t take up too much of your floor space.

Add a bold rug

If you’re dreaming of a bold, powerful, and colorful rug, then this is your sign! Just buy that rug you’ve been dreaming of for so long, and you’ll see just how well it goes with the white walls in the living room! As it would be the only colorful spot in the room, it would get the opportunity to be no less than the star of the design, which will automatically attract a ton of compliments from your guests.

Create a beachy feel

If you’re looking for a beach house vibe, there’s no better combination than white and blue. If you’re very away from the oceanside breeze you’re missing so much, you could easily emulate the laid-back white living room’s feel with one or two blue accents.

Whether we’re talking about throw pillows, blankets, or even art books, anything works. And if you’re really wishing to catch that beachy vibe, finish the whole space with gauzy shades that will filter the sunlight.

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Adopt green for a holiday cheer

White living rooms are nothing but a breeze when it comes to holiday decorations. Again, I’m going back to what I said in the beginning: it’s like having a blank canvas, so you can easily add whatever festive color you’re dreaming of.

And if you want to reach a certain elevated feel, try going for green and gold accents. Rich forest green velvet pillows carefully placed on a white couch, with a sparse tree, and one or two gold candlesticks? Sounds so dreamy!

Go bold with interesting accent colors

Have you ever considered your white living room as the perfect excuse to experiment with art and accessories? It can be anything, from graphic art to orange poppies, and even pumpkin-colored armchairs.

Extend white into connecting spaces

If you have decided to work with an open living room, going for that crisp, white paint will definitely make your design choices better. There’s a certain flow that comes with white, so you won’t have to worry about delineating one space to the next.

If you’ve decided to paint your walls after reading this piece, make sure you tell us how it went! We would be thrilled to know that our readers felt inspired to try something new, especially after reading our articles! You might also want to try: 5 Tips to Create a Home Bar Your Guests Will NEVER Forget

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