Dining Room 101: How to Decor It Like a Pro (10 Tips)


What does your dining room look like?

There’s no doubt that your dining room has a special look since it’s the place where you gather with your family, catch up, enjoy a nice meal and maybe a drink together, and talk about all the things you want.

Speaking of that, nowadays, there are many households in which the formal dining room look has been long forgotten because of the common idea that it’s out of place in today’s casual and kind of informal atmosphere.

But we think that it’s a luxury and a blessing to have a special room with a big table just for eating together with the people you care about. And if you have a dining room, you shouldn’t treat it like something basic or design it like a set you only use a few times a year.

You can make your dining room seem as incredible as you like, by customizing things like the wall color, the kind of furniture and lighting, the carpets and paintings that nicely remain on the walls, and so much more.

Take a look at these chic and practical dining rooms, perfect for family dinners, entertaining guests, or even using them as a secondary office when you need some time to yourself or you have to meet a deadline at work.

dining room
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1. Add some sculptures

If you’re like us and like having simple but extra things (a bit strange, we know), you’ll surely think of a way to combine those styles. We wanted to give you some amazing ideas, which is exactly why we asked experts what they thought.

The first interior designer we talked to told us that sculptures look absolutely amazing in a dining area. According to them, you can decorate your zone with an impressive glass vase full of branches and a pretty selection of little sculptural things on the table. You can also carry the sculptures over to the sideboard and add a few books (fashion books or any other coffee table books will look absolutely incredible) and paintings for a more museum-like look.

2. Cream and beige

If you’ve grown tired of black and white but still want something elegant and simple, say no more, because we have the perfect combination for you. Warm colors on your walls give off a softer vibe than stark white, while still making a good contrast for black geometric accents and soft wood tones.

For instance, if your dining table is beige and cream and the chairs are also in a similar color, you’ll create a gorgeous and minimalistic look. If you really want to take it up a notch, you can even paint your walls beige, add a couple of plants to give it a natural look, and you’ll be amazed by how sophisticated your dining area will be.

3. Wall-to-wall rug

While you might be tempted to pick a dining room rug that just fits the table and chairs, don’t do it, especially if you’re into classical and almost old-fashioned but stunning things. Experts say that going for a larger rug will give off the impression that your dining room is calm and sophisticated.

If you try this and end up not liking it, you can always take out the rug and put it in another room, such as your attic, and change it to something smaller and more modern.

…What kind of rugs do you typically go for? Smaller ones or bigger ones that cover the entire surface of the floors? Let us know in the comments!

dining room
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4. Play with your chairs

Do you want to have a little fun with the look of your dining area? Then turn it into a bright and fun oasis that will make you smile every time you see that zone. Don’t take yourself too seriously and play around with your favorite items and colors to achieve a magnificent look.

Do you have a lot of chair styles you like and you can’t decide which one to get? Well, what about buying one of each? We know, it seems a little weird, but it will create such a wonderful and modern look, you’ll be absolutely in love with it.

However, make sure that the furniture pieces you pick go together. You don’t want to purchase one that is fluffy and pink, for instance, and another that is huge and black. They will look like they’re from different stories, and it won’t create a pretty effect.

If you want to be sure that you’ll like the end result, you can play it safe and only pick a style you like, but order items in different colors that look good together.

Having a mix of chairs in the dining area creates a casual but put-together vibe. The styles and colors you choose might be a mishmash, or you can stick to a monochromatic scheme, such as all-white or all-black. There are so many possibilities, you just have to be creative!

5. Transparent light fixture

We ABSOLUTELY adore transparent light fixtures. They’re so pretty, simple, and elegant. Go to your nearest store and pick an item that is in the shape of a glass bubble and is similar to a chandelier with blown glass globes of multiple sizes and heights.

This will provide you with ambient lighting without distracting you from the room’s sharp angles, rich tones, and big windows. You might not like the idea when you 1st read about it, but trust us: it makes such a big difference, it’s amazing.

6. Matchy-matchy

As time goes on, dining room tablecloths become more of a rarity, used mainly for special events or by hosts who are SO worried about the presence of rings left by guests’ sticky wine cups.

However, a simple tablecloth in natural linen will surely make your dining area seem more welcoming and less formal, and it’s also great for cleaning afterward. And if you want to tie the whole look together and have a little matchy-matchy moment, designers recommend using the same fabric to cover your windows.

7. Colorful seating

Is your table white? Then go for colorful, but colorful – and I REALLY mean it – chairs, like green, yellow, purple, or pink! They’ll add a beautiful pop of color that will give you energy, and it’ll put you in a good mood every day!

This will give your home a beautiful retro look that will impress every member of your household, and when your friends come over, you’ll notice how amazed they’ll be to sit in your colorful and vibrant chairs.

8. Navy and golden

We love it when things look elegant and stylish, and if you’re like us, we have a stunning decor idea for you. Turn your dining room into a sophisticated area with the help of a few accents that will make it look like the interior of a palace.

If you have the courage, you can paint your walls a deep, saturated blue, which will serve as a dramatic foil for gold elements, while a mid-tone wood table and natural leather seats offer a bit of contrast and a stunning, contemporary touch. You can also add a few accents in warm gold tones that look incredibly well against black, charcoal, green, brown, and other dark, rich hues.

dining room
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9. Add metallic accents

Who said that metallic accents are only good-looking during the night? Believe us when we tell you that even during the day, the copper tones sparkle and look completely divine. Add a few metallic accents, and your dining area will look so stylish, modern, and pretty, just like a treasure.

These items typically have a mirrored finish with a convex mirror effect and give off soft, diffused light for dining at night. It’s always the little details that make such a big and dramatic effect, so don’t neglect them!

10. Library

What do you think about adding a little fairytale touch to your dining room? You can achieve this simple and smart aesthetic by adding a small library to your dining area. You can put all of your favorite books there and decorate them with some small objects, such as tiny crystal items.

This gives the room a lot of color and life, and it’s perfect for Zoom meetings, schoolwork, dinner or tea parties, working from home, or even hosting a book club for your friends and neighbors.

…How would you decorate your dining room? We would love to discover more about your style, so make sure you share your thoughts with us in the comments! And if you would love to read something specific from us, feel free to leave your requests down below!

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